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How to… Get an Interview

How to… Get an Interview!

Drawing from our latest posts, let us now look at how to get an interview for an internship or job. 896 more words


International Market Entry Strategies

Market Entry Strategies

Globalization is the process of international integration, in the sense of worldviews and ideas, but also in terms of products. In fact, more and more companies are moving beyond domestic and national markets, which requires them to undertake a lot of research. 741 more words


The 'Double Whammy' in Employment

Do we, in America (and worldwide), have a people or a talent shortage? This is not a simple question to toss off now that baby boomers are slowly but surely exiting the work force and the fresh faces coming on board seem to only aspire to join the over-served and very crowded service economy. 217 more words

Keeping Perspective In The Hunt

How to... Resume/CV!

How to Write a Resume/CV: a guideline for students and recent graduates

Did you know that prospective employers and HR officers only spend about 20 to 30 seconds… 572 more words


How to... Social Media!

Be Mindful of Your Technological Alter Ego!

Since the creation of Social Media, we no longer have to care only about how we look physically and on our resumes, but also on our… 402 more words


More than Just a Resume: How to Use LinkedIn as a Portfolio

By Marcie Waters

If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn, an easy way to think of it is as an online resume. However, it is much more than just a resume, as LinkedIn allows you to link to webpages and upload files to be displayed on your profile. 608 more words

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How to... Cover Letters!

How to Write Great Cover Letters

When applying for an interview, many companies now ask you to submit both a CV/Resume and a Cover Letter. Students may ask, what for? 506 more words