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Your Resume Should List Accomplishments

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to take a look at her resume.  She was a recent graduate of a top liberal arts college, intelligent, and had solid professional experience… yet she listed on her resume that she ordered pizzas for her office on Fridays. 191 more words

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University of Success

Sometimes I think that I should be slapped for not reading my Bible as much as I would like to. In reality, it is fascinating and full of stories of all types. 117 more words


If it is At Your Gate, You Can Handle It

I want you to know that whatever shows up at your door you can handle.

My teacher Angeles Arrien always said that with such joyful confidence, we as her students couldn’t help but believe it. 218 more words

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JT O'Donnell Says "Every Job is Temporary"

JT O’Donell the founder of Career HMO and Career Realism (among her other ventures) developed a motto for Career HMO which serves as a reminder of what today’s marketplace is about. 465 more words

Career Success

Why The Career World is Flat in the New Normal

I remember being in elementary school in downtown Toronto and my teachers would do a history lesson about how many people in the Middle Ages or before thought the world was flat. 374 more words


Take a Chance

How do we know when to start? Is there an “aha” moment or  sign that captures our attention and gives us the push we need? 153 more words


You want to ask me WHAT? Interviews in Today's Marketplace

Do you remember the color of your first bike or what you had for lunch last Tuesday?

What famous figure would you most like to sit next to on a long plane ride and why? 331 more words

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