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Collaboration: It's Key to Career Success

You can do a lot of things on your own, without help, and that’s true not only personally but in your professional life. It’s important not to delegate actions to others that are integral to your professional growth and career success. 555 more words

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How Parenting Skills Can Support Career Success

In an article for the business recruiting firm Women For Hire, Hanold Associates Managing Partner and co-CEO Neela Seenandan offered her insight into how working mothers… 263 more words

Neela Seenandan

The American Dream: Myth and Reality

There is much talk and a plurality of articles playing the dirge of death: the American Dream is dead. This recent article from Atlantic magazine is a typical example. 532 more words

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Gratitude and Career Success Can Go Hand-in-Hand

If things aren’t going well with your professional life–maybe you’re engaged in a frustrating job search–you might feel as if you don’t have much to be grateful for right now. 590 more words

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Graduate school: Is this the right path for you?

Britany Sands

Staff Writer


On Nov. 18 at Indiana University Kokomo, Danny Gruss and the Student Success Center will be hosting a Graduate School seminar.

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Your Career Success: Focused Path vs. Diversity

Some of you probably knew what you wanted to be when you grew up, even before you left childhood behind. Many of us, though, take longer to figure it out, and some take a really long time. 473 more words

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Essential Skills for Today's Marketplace

“The essential skills for today’s marketplace are clear communication, personal branding, flexibility, productivity improvement” – Ruth Mantell

No matter what your profession, no matter what industry you are working in, no matter what level of the organization you are working at, there are essential skills that you must master in today’s job market.

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