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The Liberation of Health Care Exchanges

What are the benefits?

Whatever you think about health care reform, it is a game changer in terms of job opportunities.

Imagine not having to worry that you might have to take a job just for the benefits. 387 more words

Career Success

Part 1/ 3 Use these CX tips and job-hunting script to get your next job

This is the 1st part in a 3-part series for you.

Here are the 3 Customer Experience (CX) Factors
a.  Fulfilling customer requirements
b.  Being easy for customers to understand… 453 more words

Career Success

Delayed Gratification and Business Success

I’ve written more than a few posts on the many frustrations that are an integral part of the inventive process – and, as a result, I have likely have lost some followers to my blog. 504 more words


That’s Not Fair!

Giving in to jealousy, fear, doubt and other negative feelings will result in failure.

Have you ever said it?  “That’s not fair?” It’s really easy to look at someone we perceive as successful and think ‘that’s just not fair!’ How did they get that job or that car or get to live in that house?’ (I’m guilty of doing it.) That’s the nature of humans and probably one of the reasons why the good Lord created the tenth commandment (oh, He knows us so well) – … 350 more words

Positive Thinking

You Earn What You Eat: 5 Career-Boosting Super Foods

Don’t eat your competition’s lunch. God knows what’s in there. Leverage these C-level snack-for-success secrets and make the org chart your climbing wall.

  1. Mangosteen. No, it’s not a Jewish mango, it’s your anti-oxidant-rich, brain-building ticket out of Cubicleville.
  2. 169 more words

Ideas, without action, are worthless

A number of years ago I attended a Key Person of Influence event. I stumbled across the notes I’d taken and while reading through them, realised that everything I learned at that event is still true today and I need to get back into actioning what I learned from it. 778 more words


Recruiter’s Advice: You Should At Least Have the Confidence

interEDGE: What led you to become a recruiter?

Ruihan: What led you to become a campus recruiter? I’ve been in recruiting since my first internship, so I just went with the flow. 485 more words

Career Success