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Daily Deliberation: 23 July 2017

I remember hearing a version of this as a child. Growing up in martial arts, we were not allowed to use words like can’t or impossible. 60 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 22 July 2017

If anyone could do it, everyone would. For whatever reason, doing the right things are the hardest. When I face a situation where I am not sure what to do, I often look at the hardest option or the one I am most afraid of and do that. 33 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 19 July 2017

Have you ever noticed how much you plan to do tomorrow? I know for me, tomorrow is the day I am going to work out harder. 72 more words

Career Success

3 Proven Steps to be More Productive (Time Management: Part 2)

“There is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done!” I remember saying this mixed with many curse words as a new NCOIC. 1,040 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 15 July 2017

We look at failure as such a negative thing. We are so afraid of its negative stigma, we never even try sometimes. Many suffer from a failure to launch because of this fear. 69 more words

Career Success

Personal Success Through Social Media "Branding"

Like it or not, our social media accounts reflect our own “personal branding”

Social media has been an essential in our lives, especially for us… 496 more words


Daily Deliberation: 13 July 2017

I always used to approach school as a checklist. Finish this history report and move on. Algebra II, Check. These were stepping stones on my path to freedom as a graduate. 55 more words

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