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Tips for Licensing Your Product Successfully

This blog is the follow on to the previous blog:

The World’s Best Job – Yours for the Taking?

The world’s best job is having a successful licensing agreement with a manufacturer for your product. 481 more words

Keys To Success

The World's Best Job - Yours for the Taking?

The World’s Best Job:

  1. Can receive a 6-figure income
  2. Job can last 10 years or more
  3. If the company makes more money, so do you…
  4. 481 more words
Keys To Success

Sweet or Not So Sweet Career Move

When we experience a loss of control in our lives such as being made redundant, we often turn to things of comfort, ranging from alcohol to sugar. 294 more words

Diary of a consultant - the shock

As of yesterday, I am a consultant.

I could smell the taste of my free time and social life being flushed down the toilet as soon as I entered the luxurious office and was handed nice visit cards, a fancy laptop and a suitcase, “my new best friend”, as advertised by one of the managers. 273 more words


Inventor Success: the Right Path for Your Product

There are many keys to success for an inventor, but one that is often overlooked and rarely discussed in public forums is selecting the right path for your product. 585 more words


Are you living your values?

We all have a set of personal values – beliefs and ideas about what is important and desirable in our lives. You might have one or two core values, perhaps about honesty and hard work for example, or a whole raft of them. 470 more words