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#MusicTherapyBlogger Challenge: Get Some Junk in Your Trunk!

This post is part of a 5 week #MusicTherapyBlogger challenge. Learn more and join the movement by visiting Serenade Designs!

Challenge #1: Think and write about a question you hear a lot in your work. 482 more words

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Why put of to tomorrow what you can put off to the day after tomorrow....What you choose today will make what you become tomorrow'

I saw this quote as titled on a friends FB page a while ago now and it has stuck with me ever since – as for me it definitely rang true at that time. 343 more words

Career Success

[Late Post!] May Day Special: Dealing With Unemployment As A Youth

Hey guys!

Welcome to May! Hope the last four months have been great. I should have posted this yesterday (May 1) but my tablet was unavoidably absent. 998 more words


Showcasing Emotional Intelligence on your Resume

Show ’em your Career Smarts……emotional intelligence that is

Unless you are alone and counting beans in a cave, the ability to understand yourself and others, communicate and influence others are all critical skills and abilities of career success. 642 more words

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The New Corporate Success: Less Corporate, More Success

As I have mentioned in several past posts, today’s landscape of corporate success looks nothing like the picture in the 70s and 80s.

Below are some relevant previous posts: 394 more words

Keys To Success

A Plug for Online Classes (and Constant Learning)

When I was a student, I loved going to class.

Of course there were always a few exceptions (*cough* math) but overall, I love to learn. 419 more words


Crafting Your Career: The Benefits of Saying “No” More Often

As an up and coming business owner with a spirit to thrive and succeed in the ever-changing entrepreneurial world, I often find myself agreeing to tackle projects and meet deadlines that I know are unreasonable or non-beneficial to my career, all because I’m wanting that opportunity to open more doors and meet more clients. 667 more words

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