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Near Zero: Tragic or Magic?

Entrepreneurs must be prepared to take risks, sometimes spectacular risks.

Billionaire technology mogul, Elon Musk, famously accrued $165 million from the sale of his share of PayPal to eBay. 416 more words

Keys To Success

Interview: The Success Formula with H.E. Karim Kawar

Akhtaboot sat down with H.E. Karim Kawar, former Jordanian Ambassador to the USA and President of Kawar Group to talk about how his journey in as Ambassador in Washington DC helped shape his views on the current Jordanian economy. 1,715 more words

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Have a Great Idea? What to Do Now?

Every great invention begins first with an idea, an aha moment. Dealing with problems often points to unexpected opportunities. Not surprisingly, many invention ideas are solutions to annoying problems. 581 more words


Create; Do Not Compete. (3)


I’m a Brand Ambassador for Safeguard Nigeria. Needless to say much, I have noticed something very unique about its parent company, … 474 more words

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What Is Inbound Marketing?

For many years businesses relied on interruptive marketing techniques such as buying ads, buying email lists, or cold calling to sell their products and services. Over time as markets became saturated with advertisements and potential customers became inundated this loss its effect.  692 more words

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Create; Do Not Compete. (2)

There is no better way to lose than to try to compete. In fact, people sense it unconsciously when you’re trying to keep up, to compete, to outdo the model/pattern already set by another person. 484 more words

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Create; Do Not Compete. (1)

A major problem most people face in business or in life (offline or online) comes down to answering the question “What am I selling?”

What are you selling in exchange for the money or results you seek from others? 890 more words

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