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Daily Deliberation: 20 June 2018

We have leadership backwards. The old days of RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges) are over, because they weren’t effective. The job of a leader is not to be served, but to serve others. 38 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 19 June 2018

A lot of times, we are looking at the now. Our boss sucks, now. This job is not using my skills, now. I am not where I want to be, now. 19 more words

Career Success

More evidence for my hypothesis on South Asians vis-a-vis East Asians

Link┬áto comment on Steve Hsu’s blog. The “my hypothesis” in the title is with reference to one of my previous blog posts. Content copy-pasted below. 174 more words

The Brahmins

The cognitive and personality profile, and overall achievement package, of Indians as a group is a rather interestingly unbalanced one. Sometimes they do spectacular things, like… 2,019 more words

Daily Deliberation: 16 June 2018

I remember playing in the wood a lot as a kid. Sometimes we would find a path that was cleared taking us from one area to the next. 81 more words

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Daily Deliberation: 14 June 2018

This concept really works. I used to have a position where I was entrusted with a direct line to the group commander. When we ran into issues on the flight line, I was able to make decisions above my “normal” authority. 46 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 10 June 2018

I remember sitting in a lunch and learn as an A1C and hearing the speaker talk about being a lifelong learner. It amazes me how this one phrase: ‘lifelong learner’ has motivated me to never quit. 19 more words

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