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Why Agency People Need to Hedge Their Bets

The longer you stay in this business the greater the chances are that you are going to get fired. The algorithm of the workplace today. 469 more words


How to beat procrastination in just 4 weeks: Part 2/5

So here we are, at the beginning of Week 2.

Now that you have downloaded ALL that’s on your mind, what’s the next step?

Why even bother about procrastination? 785 more words

Career Success

Are Duty Titles Important?

Duty titles are often a big concern when it comes to EPR closeouts. Especially now that there are TSgts meeting the board, many are going to their supervisors and asking about a new role. 467 more words

Career Success

Contemplations, High School Seniors--May 18

Rarely do I go ten days without posting on my blog.  I teach English IV in high school.  Most people think students want to graduate, will do what it takes to do so.   466 more words

How Colours Affect Emotions

Colors have certain wavelengths, which can be felt and experienced. Emotions have certain wavelengths, which you can also feel and directly experience. Colors and Emotions are both composed of real physical vibrations. 302 more words

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Befriending Change in Your Work Life

“If you want to make enemies, change something.” Woodrow Wilson

It used to be there was a rule/agreement, unwritten but real nonetheless, that if you worked hard and were good at your job, your position at the company was secure and it was your decision how and when to leave. 546 more words

Career Success

A leader's credible reputation

Read any number of books on leadership and you are guaranteed to run into a segment discussing the importance of leadership credibility.  There are a number of ways suggested that the leader attain credibility in the eyes of his or her subordinates.  800 more words

Career Success