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WDS Africa Open Day: No longer Business As Usual

Have you ever wanted to speak to someone real about the issues you’re facing at work?

Or about where your current skill set could best be used? 335 more words

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Believe it or not, mistakes are allowed

One thing many people can agree on is people are allowed to make mistakes.  It is how we learn.  As leaders, we have to tread carefully when we react to mistakes made by subordinates—we can either create an environment where innovation has a place or stifle it by allowing no mistakes and creating an environment where people become ‘gun-shy’ and very risk averse.  900 more words

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How to beat procrastination in just 4 weeks: Part 1/5

Although much has been said about procrastination, one thing remains clear … that unfinished business drains our energy!

This is so true, and on so many levels. 687 more words

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How to Succeed in Today's Economy

Wages have stagnated for middle-income workers over the last fifty years, yet the top 5% of income earners have seen real income growth of 91%. Why aren’t middle class workers getting ahead and what can you do about it? 446 more words


Power Distance and Communication Barriers

Most people become introverted when they talk to their organization’s leadership.  It is a common reaction to this situation; it is also a barrier to real and effective communication.  1,183 more words

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Succeeding in LBS’s Bachelor of Business at Shepparton, and LTU’s Graduate Program: Testimonial from Cameron Fletcher

By Cameron Fletcher

I studied La Trobe Business School’s Bachelor of Business with a double major in Management and Marketing at the Shepparton Campus of La Trobe University. 686 more words

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Research Symposium: aiming higher for success

Research Symposium: aiming higher for success

Eric Eramo



On Friday, April 12, Indiana University Kokomo held its annual Research Symposium in the Kelly Center. 470 more words