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The Informational Interview Series, Part 1: Why it Rocks

Informational interviewing is the bees knees of career development.

If you’re not familiar with the term, informational interviews are informal conversations with the goal of yielding information on a particular company, industry or title. 775 more words


5 Tips for Meeting Project Deadlines

Let’s face it. Everyone has to deal with deadlines sometime in life, whether in school, work, or for community related projects.

In business, we might have to prepare presentations, file documents, or complete work for a client. 392 more words


Learning to Wear Confidence at Work (and in Life)

It has taken me a long time to be as comfortable with myself as I am today. My self-esteem is drastically different now than it was when I started college, never mind high school. 623 more words


Is Image Management a Matter of Style Over Substance?

It’s easy to write off image management as a superficial endeavour.

After all, is there a better example of style over substance than judging someone based on appearance? 306 more words

Shopping Around for Things to Do Outside of Work

I have always loved extra-curricular activities, especially as a student. Not only did they provide a distraction from my academics, but they gave me the opportunity to connect with new people and practice skills outside of my internship and the classroom. 661 more words


Should you still 'dress for the job you want'?

Dear Annie: Can you help me out with my spring work wardrobe? I’ve always heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” But is that still true? 698 more words


Spring Into Action!

Spring brings about a totally new energy to our environments. Everything outside is coming to life and blooming into a new start. This is also just as good a time as any to begin to spring into action with your career and business.  227 more words