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Daily Deliberation: 16 February 2018

I find the game of poker interesting. It is a game where you could receive the worst possible hand and still be the winner. The better the hand, the better chance you have to luck your way into success. 63 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 13 February 2018

This is the piece of advice I give so many NCOs. I used to tell them this after they got in trouble and would try to do HUGE things to overcome their transgressions. 96 more words

Career Success

Micromagement 101

How/Why it begins?

Micromanagement is a the result of a deeper rooted issue where there is a lack in leadership development. We all start as some sort of hands-on technician doing a ground-level job. 637 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 10 February 2018

With instant access to any piece of information our heart desires and the ability to order something online and have it at our door in two-days is a great gift of technology. 52 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 9 February 2018

We all say we will relax once we accomplish “X”. We either set this goal so high that we have to give all of our effort to achieve it or we get there and feel like it is not enough. 53 more words

Career Success


This is an excerpt from Success Is Normal by Marie Watts

Success Is Omnipresent

Success is an omnipresent aspect of the Universe. Success is a universal Principle, equally present everywhere and eternally. 334 more words


Daily Deliberation: 6 February 2018

What does it mean to have power? I have seen people chase duty titles or rank because of the perceived (or even actual) power. It is curious to see how they act when they are in charge. 63 more words

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