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Befriending Change in Your Work Life

“If you want to make enemies, change something.” Woodrow Wilson

It used to be there was a rule/agreement, unwritten but real nonetheless, that if you worked hard and were good at your job, your position at the company was secure and it was your decision how and when to leave. 546 more words

Career Success

Want to be an Inventor? Why?

As an inventor and consultant, I feel part of my mission is to help aspiring inventors; in some cases by discouraging them from being inventors. Why? 583 more words


Three Career Strategies To Raise Your Profile

Three Career Strategies To Raise Your Profile

There are ways to play the career game that will let you get to the top without changing who you are. 232 more words


On Dealing with Embarrassing Moments at Work

When I was in high school, I used to think that I would never get over certain, humiliating moments. Like the time I walked into a wall, or the time my headphones got caught outside my locker and everyone found out that I still liked Disney songs…those were the things that I thought would scar me for life. 351 more words


February 23, 2015

How many of you enjoy dealing with incompetence? You know what? I HATE IT!

It’s so important to love what you do! If you are in a place that makes you utterly unhappy, to the point where you absolutely HATE going in to work, then it’s time to re-evaluate some things in your life.

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7 things Joan Rivers can teach us about our careers?

As I write this blog the Oscars have just finished and the winners nursing the affects of a night of partying. I always loved watching Joan Rivers on the red carpet interviewing the stars as they arrived. 115 more words

Transferrable Skills

“Too often, job seekers get hung up on their work history and limit their prospects for the future.” Says Marc Cendella of the Ladders. As an HR person I have watched with interest and concern as whole job sectors, not to mention whole industries, are disappearing these days. 291 more words

Career Success