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Did we tell you about John?

Is it time to expand your Leadership Shadow?


First, let’s tell you about John…

John came in with this problem – that his life had become Groundhog Day (watch the movie). 487 more words

Career Success

Starting your own Wine Venture

Asa has been passionate about wine for a long time, but is currently working as a project manager in the financial services sector in London, a career he is not so passionate about! 599 more words
Career Change

Daily Deliberation: 22 November 2017

So many of us get placed into situations that scare us. We are asked to brief the boss on a plan or a problem. We are asked to take over a shop that is failing. 58 more words

Career Success

Bloom Where You are Planted

“I don’t like being a gate guard on mid-shift, I am meant for so much more.” Or simply, “I can’t stand my job!!!!” These are statements we have all heard over the years in the service or potentially even muttered them ourselves. 547 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 18 November 2017

This is such a powerful concept. I remember when I decided to stop comparing myself against my peers and started holding myself accountable to my own abilities. 63 more words

Career Success

Daily Deliberation: 16 November 2017

I have been sitting in TAPS classes and career advice classes for the past two weeks and I can tell you that I am tired of resume talk. 67 more words

Career Success

Testing: A Strategy For Promotion You Control

I like to think of promotions testing like going for a long distance run.  Your mind, like your body, can fatigue.  A critical factor that plays into testing is your concentration, which wears thin over time as you become mentally tired after focusing on a problem for too long.   104 more words

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