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Week 1 - "Down Regging"

Or what we call down regulating.  The Buserelin places me in a mini menopausal state.  Yea…mini menopause…temporarily.  All the while I’m on the birth control as well.   835 more words

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Who am I now?

Taking up a new career is really tough.. Things don’t always happen the way you expect them to be. Some would take it hard, so hard that they curl in a corner and regret on why they took the leap of faith. 328 more words

Career Woman

eating slow

I’ve developed a nice habit of having huge low-calorie meals. This makes me feel fuller, while at the same time I’m not eating a lot. 29 more words


Reasons why it's okay to not want kids

If you’re a twenty-something female, chances are you’ve probably started to receive comments about your so-called “biological clock” tick tick ticking away and felt the pressure of people passing judgement on your childless life. 839 more words


First Shot!

I woke up Sunday morning like…

“Why am I doing THIS?”

“I don’t want to do this…”

“Tracy just suck it up and do it!” 383 more words

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The Work Uniform

Am I the only one who pretty much wears very similar things to work everyday?  There was a blog that was popular a few years ago called… 119 more words

Wappy Hour

Afternoon blahs!  They hit me like a ton of bricks right around 2:30pm every day.  Can’t keep my eye lids open….. drifting, drifting,… damn it I need to walk around to keep from falling asleep. 328 more words