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White onions and beer

I texted my husband to grab a bag of red onions on his way home from work.

I did stop by grocery store earlier, but I couldn’t access my shopping list App after my boss threw my cell to the wall because I picked the wrong restaurant for his date last night. 166 more words


Untitled Adventures

Building on my blog Maybe I Don’t Want to Retire from a week and a half ago, I’m starting to wonder if I really want to retire early. 480 more words


One Secret to living a Happy Life

 Tell me this hasn’t happened to you before: You read an article or glance at a few pages on face book. Then you stumble on her page: she’s got the perfect waistline, the dress is amazing, her make up is smashing, her likes are in the thousands. 330 more words

Career Development

Are you a Dangerous Woman?

A Dangerous Woman…

  • … is an icon of her industry
  • … is anything but average (is unusual, complicated, rebellious, candid…)
  • … values freedom, abundance, her own authority and independence…
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Dangerous Woman

#2 Just one of those days when i am torn between wanting to pursue a hobby and being the ambitious career woman that i am....

For most of the world Sundays are celebratory, unfortunately, I do not fall under that category! There was a time when i was blessed with a non-working Sunday, but it used to come with a price – a six-day working week! 238 more words


The beginning and ending of careers...

I really expected that with two of my three children (Brian in Jupiter, Florida and Claire in Boston) now living out of town and working, and one both working and finishing school (Aidan in Rochester) that the phone would ring less. 1,140 more words