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Throwing in the Towel

That’s It!

I’m throwing in the towel!

I’m crying Uncle!

I cannot do it all!

I’ve had to slow down with my blogging because I’ve been so busy. 515 more words


Are Women Being Raised to Fail?

Something I realized very quickly after discovering the red pill was that myself and most women (and men) born in after the late 1960s in America have basically been raised to fail in life and love. 432 more words

Red Pill

Confidence at Work: 8 things NOT to say

As bold and fierce as we are, we sometimes have the tendency to unwittingly undermine our own confidence. This comes out in the way we speak – little subtle phrases that we use unwittingly signal to our audience that we lack confidence. 624 more words

Career Advice

put up a f*cking fight for what you love

how can anyone tread on you?

you aren’t a calm brook

how can anyone push you around?

you aren’t a piece of wood

put up a fight for what you love… 28 more words


My booté saga: a chapter at the office

Not the point of this post – part 1

Clothes. I like how they can be a form of self-expression. I also like analyzing why I put on wtv outfit I do in the morning: sometimes it reveals stuff on my mind, or a mood, that I wasn’t fully aware of. 597 more words

That Time When...