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A Pre-Feminism Tale

The other day I was talking with a friend who is in her early 60s. She happened to mention, in passing, that her grandmother had been a doctor. 616 more words

Red Pill

The Harder I Work Now

As a child when all you want to do is play, things like chores and homework simply get in the way. Regardless, as time ticks on they slowly begin to creep into your life and are our earliest lessons about responsibility and accountability. 1,036 more words

It's Time to Recap and Talk $$$

It’s been 2 weeks since my last post.  I spent the time resting and recovering.  The bloat is gone, I’m working out again and now I’m 100% back to my old self.   62 more words

5 Beauty Mantras For A Career Woman


I am sure many of you are busy ladies, juggling between career and other things. Being a project manager at a leading technology firm, my workdays are packed with meetings, discussions and work constantly in front of computer. 448 more words


Starting Over..A New Life

My new life has been quite a challenge to create.  With the help of a good therapist for the past year, I have conquered many of my daemons of fear, guilt and shame, not all of them, but I am clearly in a much better place, emotionally, than I was. 440 more words


Another day, another dollar.

As much as I would love to just travel, I have to work to get by. I would love to be rich and just travel for the rest of my life but I’m not – Haha! 954 more words


Post Egg Retrieval Thoughts

So it all happened on Friday!  I really wanted to do a video but that was too hard so let me apologize for not being able to do that.   1,032 more words