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Haiku Journal Day 194 - Exhaustion

Zoned out binge eating
Bob’s Burgers and facebook posts
The work week was long

Haiku Journal

Cleaning Nasty Power

The right Line Conditioner will clean your nasty power

Not every environment has dirty electrical power  but dirty power can cripple your equipment and bring them to a trudging halt.  571 more words

Career Woman

You Need a Surge Protector

If you have a surge protector you have done well but do you have the right protector and do you have it connected to the right equipment? 1,024 more words

Career Woman

Protect Your Data From....

Electrically, computers are relatively fragile. When a power failure occurs a number of damaging things can occur.  For starters the improper shutting down will cause you to lose current data, may corrupt data and it may also destroy the hard drive.  393 more words

Career Woman

Career Talk: The Truth Behind How I Became a Professional Writer

I received my undergrad degree the summer of 2008. By October, the Great Recession hit hard.

Rather than sit around waiting for a job to find me, I enrolled in graduate school, foolishly believing that with a Master’s degree (in an academic subject, no less), I would walk into a fantastic career job when I was ready. 1,595 more words

Why I Love What I Do

“Get a job where you love what you’ll do and you’ll never have to a work a day in your life” – the saying every relative, friend, and cheesy Graduation card says. 529 more words

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The Fixer Judy Smith 

Watching the political thriller Scandal, every Thursday night is a must for me. Creator Shonda Rhimes wows the audience every week with a well written, drama filled hour with outstanding performances from talented cast members. 882 more words