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1950's Business (Wo)man

I’m having a surreal, yet wonderful experience.

I’m part of the small, yet growing, group of women who’s partners have become stay-at-home Dad’s.  I feel like a 1950’s businessman; able to head off to work at a normal pace, coming home to a well-maintained home, and night-time meals….that are getting better by the day. 240 more words

Career Woman

Meet the Career Girl | Gabi Ferdinand

Gabrielle Ferdinand is a  final year PhD student at  the University of Warwick. Her research is on the role of brand in the Caribbean’s cultural industries; a topic close to her heart as a Caribbean citizen from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. 410 more words


5 Style Tips for a Presentation

Presentations in the classroom, boardroom, or conference hall can be nerve-racking. The least you can do after racking up confidence from your competence, is to pull some extra from your outfit. 247 more words


I just gave birth to guilt!

I am in my mid thirties and most of my friends have kids by now. Some of them have one, some two. No I haven’t seen anyone dare to have a third one! 865 more words

Meet the Career Girl | Fola' Adeyemo

Folashade Adeyemo is a member of the Nigerian Bar. She is also currently a PhD student at Brunel University, UK. Her research looks at the financial stability of Nigerian banks and explores the regulatory framework. 390 more words


MOMENTS: Happy Hour

Imagine you had one of those hectic clinic days where while working on the plan of one patient your pager was going off incessantly; so while answering these pages about ten other different patients, you happened to glance over your outlook and had to reply to urgent emails ASAP about ten other patients from your referring physicians, your nurse, your resident. 250 more words


Living up to her standards!

For someone who hated getting up early in mornings, I give myself a hi-five every day when I successfully manage to drop my kid to her bus stop. 652 more words