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Learning that you are the Boss

This post is about how i am learning that not everyone will want me to succeed with my goals and how I plan on getting over them… 461 more words


Haiku Journal: Day 5

Dream world brought Daisy
She brought a message, I know
Cut off growth maybe?

Not sure what she said
In time, it will be revealed… 54 more words


Haiku Journal: Day 4

Wakeup, birds chirping
Equinox, spring arriving
March in, a lion

Change skepticism
Deflated bubble talking
Everyone’s opinion

Saying no feels good
Said at least five times over… 35 more words


The Sacrifice God Calls Christian Wives To

Many young Christian women today have been raised their whole lives to believe feminism’s greatest lie – “You can have it all”.  “You can have a career, a husband and children and you should never sacrifice any part of your dreams”.  5,021 more words


Solo tripcations are my new fave thing

I should have seen this coming.

Teacher is an artiste – not a practical bone in his body. It’s part of his charm. Sometimes.

Teacher forgot to check the visa requirements for entering the United Arab Emirates… and it looks extremely unlikely that he will be granted one for next week’s Kizomba festival in Dubai. 477 more words

That Time When...

Follow the church spire 

I’m staying at the same hotel in Paris as during my last trip. It’s conveniently located, reasonably (for Paris) priced and clean. Every day, to and from my 30min walk to metro – I walk the first 5 metro stops in order to take in a feel of Paris – I’ve seen a church spire coquettishly peaking out between buildings in the 9th arrondissement. 88 more words

That Time When...

Let's Talk Career: Why I Chose To Freelance Full-Time

It didn’t occur to me that I could freelance full-time while living in Jamaica until maybe a year ago. The services I offer are not only perfect, they are a needed skill set. 531 more words