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Are we Really MEANT to fly?

I have the best thoughts while showering and today was no exception. I used to think that my husband held me back from flying, but that has changed. 338 more words




                                   So I got a wonderful internship opportunity at a soliciting Firm, but had to quit on the first day because of distance. It’s on the Island, and I don’t live there. 1,051 more words


"Keep the End in Mind"

Some days, I have such an urgency to find my way out of the rat race, and I often feel like a young child ready to grow up because of the inconveniences of being young.  862 more words


Hey Woman! Your work matters.

I got an invite to come speak at a Women’s conference, it will be the 2nd speaking engagement in the space of weeks,I mean ever since I began to make a conscious effort to start on my second life mission- … 1,129 more words

Biblical Views

Musing: Three Reasons Why Romantic + Professional Success Strategies Are Incompatible

As twenty-something women with feet in both the dating and corporate world, Kinsey and I have heard it more times than we’d care to remember: when your career is flourishing, your romantic life is likely to be suffering (and vice versa). 1,145 more words


Aurally, She Is Resonant

I’ve been having difficulty lately differentiating between problematic story tropes and the value of historical accuracy. After all, we learn history in order to keep it from repeating, but most of these dated, stereotypical narratives (in television, film, theatre, and fiction) possibly contribute to a generally uncooperative subconsciousness. 452 more words

Musical Theatre

First Impressions: Why They Matter and How to Make a Good One

First impressions, dear reader, are far more important to the outcome of a woman’s life than she may imagine.

Unfortunately, those split-second judgements are often all a person has to go on, and most decisions that affect a woman will be based on the way she presents herself, or what she appears to be at first glance, even when it’s not totally accurate. 430 more words