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Let's Talk Career: Jamaican Freelance Market, Untapped

Freelancers are persons who are self-employed to provide services (usually tailored) to clients through short, medium or long-term. As a freelancer, we usually have multiple clients at any given time or successive short-term projects. 439 more words


Janet Jackson just had a baby at the age of 50, see how in vitro fertilization helps career women achieve this

In vitro fertilization (or fertilisationIVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body: in vitro (“in glass”). 548 more words


The Rising Role of Women

Globally, a movement has been seen which transcends culture and race, we have all see or heard of it: The Rising Role of Women. ‘You could never become..’ or ‘Unfortunately women aren’t allowed to..’ are phrases that will soon be forgotten. 366 more words

Wonderful Woman

Let's Talk Career: A Creative Resume?

During my college tenure, I had signed up for a summer job program the government runs each year for tertiary students. For each of the those three years I found myself in the same department between six and twelve weeks, human resource. 432 more words


Should Mother's Work Outside the Home?

Has anybody else seen the pictures and videos on how much a stay at home mom is worth? Recently I have seen multiple on Facebook, you can find articles in Forbes magazine, and I just came across this infograph at salary.com depicting the different roles a stay at home mom must fill and how much each role is worth. 1,593 more words


Let's Talk Career: Why I Quit My Call Center Job

The current job market (Jamaica) is set up in such a way that most graduates (myself included) are forced to take a job just to get their bills paid. 754 more words


Then They Came For Me

Lately I haven’t been able to sleep.  After Women’s March, it seemed like things just kept on getting worse each day.

I immigrated to the US from Taiwan 30+ years ago; back when one couldn’t openly criticize the KMT government.  640 more words