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Japan and Foreign Students (Japan ASEAN Youth Conference 2015)

Today I attended Japan ASEAN Youth Conference 2015 in Tokyo.

Statistics indicates that interaction between ASEAN countries and Japan is continuously becoming tighter; one has what the other does not have, so it is good to strengthen the bond between them. 228 more words


Hello All!

Good Morning, My name is Harry Brett and I am from the Plumbers Union in Boston. Known as Local 12 we have over 1700 members and its my goal to be able to share with you the many great things about the local, its members, and the plumbing industry in general. 65 more words


Why Age-Productive Less Optimal at Work?

Trupowe,com – Productive age group, ie aged 20 to 35 years, are very susceptible to disease. This is because the productive age group generally spend more time outside the house for work and socializing. 157 more words


Commandment 1: I Am Organized; Priorities

Organizing my time and activities will allow me to achieve disproportionate results. My current practice is to show up at work, read some emails, and either follow a path set by some email just received or work on any ongoing project that seems most interesting or is most urgent at that moment. 84 more words


Quote of the day (28th March, 2015)

“Finding a way to live the simple life today is man’s most complicated task.” – Henry A. Courtney

Daily Inspiration

Finding Tracy Island

When I was a kid I loved to make things. I made my mum save all of the toilet rolls and jam jars. I watched Art Attack and Tony Hart and made every project. 399 more words

Happiness Project

Commandment 1: I Am Organized; Outlook

The first step in reinventing my professional life is to fix the behvaiors that hold me back and hold me down.  Everything else in the plan for a new professional direction will be easier to accomplish when I get out of my own way on these issues: organization and emotional control. 207 more words