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The 1st Deaf and Blind graduate from Harvard Law School

Meet the 1st Deaf and Blind graduate from Harvard Law School.

We can make it happen or make excuses as to why it can’t happen! … 8 more words



It has been a challenging few weeks. Leaving a career I have worked so hard at for the past few years and choosing to focus on something completely different. 182 more words


[Interview experience] - Novo Nordisk Assessment Day

While I was napping in bed on Oct 28th, a phone call suddenly woke me up with +45 as the prefix of the phone number. I know something happened, and as I picked up the phone, a nice voice started, ‘Hello, is that Yi?  256 more words


Speak truth to Power.

Finally having a boss who is a true leader who cares about his employees is an amazing thing.

There is a difference between leader and manager/boss. 151 more words

Back From The Ashes

To Complain or Not to Complain?

Ok, “complain” may not be the best word, but it made for a tight blog post title.

Here’s the deal:

As many GRex loyalists know, I’m out of full-time work at the moment, but I am freelancing for a company, working from home on projects when projects come in and there is work to do. 277 more words

Wardrobe Wed: Sweater Shirt

Let me steal a moment from this normal “Wardrobe Wednesday” post to tell you about the harsh reality of hair styling.

My typical routine includes an afternoon workout followed by a quick shower. 226 more words


A new way forward: healing from depression (25 Nov. 2015)

I used to love goal-oriented words like “achievement” and “success”, but after my experience with depression, they’re more likely to make me uneasy than swoon. An inordinate focus on what I achieved, rather than an appreciation for my nuanced person, is part of what led to my struggle with mental health. 670 more words