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Read This When You're Ready To Move Onto Bigger And Better Things

When you’re ready to move on, you shouldn’t feel guilty about the people you’re leaving behind. You should be making decisions based on what is best for your own future, your own happiness, and your own mental health. 501 more words


Saturn Return: Cosmic Weight Training!

Technically my Saturn Return isn’t until next year. (I’m of the Saturn in Aquarius generation.) However, I’ve been feeling the effects of good ole’ Chronos creepin’ toward me quite heavily. 507 more words

Reminders for a College Senior's First Job Hunt

It’s about that time for college seniors to start thinking about what the next move beyond college is going to be. Job fairs have already started registering companies and sending notifications out to students – many of whom forgot that job fairs generally happen soon after school starts and need to start getting their sh*t together. 643 more words


Today Mary started Medical School

I woke up much earlier than I had to this morning — at 5:15 AM. It’s that time of year where the sun itself is starting to sleep in, so it was dark and the air had just the hint of a chill this morning when the alarm went off and I pushed myself out of bed. 649 more words