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An Intern's Perspective: The Right Path for Public Accounting

Author: Michael Anderson
Internship Company: CliftonLarsonAnderson

I took an internship at CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) in order to gain experience in the public accounting field. Specifically in regard to public accounting, the internship process is becoming the preferred channel of hiring new employees. 345 more words


An Intern's Perspective: Getting More Than You Expected

Author: Megan Reuter, WLC Adult Accelerated Program
Internship Company: WLC Adult Accelerated Program

I took an internship because I needed one credit and my advisor told me that I could do an internship as a senior mentor. 196 more words


On Not Fitting In With Colleagues

Teaching never felt like a good fit for me. Despite this, I played the part. I maintained a professional decorum in the company of students and colleagues. 1,659 more words

Public speaking TIPS – Body Language

Your Posture. Don’t slouch. Stand tall, stand proud (sounds like an anthem or something.) Good posture projects confidence. Slouching makes you look unsure of yourself and by extension the material you’re presenting. 1,086 more words



Dear Master:

   I confess peeking into a book of wrong answers. The question  “What is the sound west of the state of Washington?” was given the answer: the sound of the ocean.
Allison Puget



Career to Home....sort of.....ramblings

Ok, this is going to be a long post, sort of vanilla but it ties in to my D/s life. So I am forewarning you, its girly, but its about an important part of my life. 662 more words