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Careers and Mindfulness

I’ve written about finding my way through my career path and how I no longer want to do what I have been doing. I have been doing some work on getting my insurance credentials in place so that I can do private practice, but I’m not sure that this is truly what I want to do. 484 more words

10 Myths, Pros and Cons of Being a Breadwinning Mom

Did you know that breadwinning moms make up some 40 percent of all U.S. households’ major (or equal with partner) earners? That’s according to a… 257 more words


What Are You Going To Be?

I substitute teach in elementary schools and I work part-time in a retail store. For the past two weeks the hot question has been, “so, what are you going as?” As you know, All Hallows Eve is facing us and that means many things to many people. 207 more words


We Create Our Comfort Zones

I’m over the excuses for why people don’t get things done or take chances on themselves. At a minimum, on a weekly basis, I’ve been finding myself engrossed in conversations about productivity, change and/or success. 472 more words

Human Resources

Are you what you wear?

Well, hello there. I’ll start off – my real name is not Ania Taylor. I got part of it right, yet there’s a family inside joke tied into this alias – one that could say a lot or a little about me – I’ll explain later. 320 more words


Why continuous learning is important

Never stop learning.

That is so true, especially if you are gunning for a higher position in a very hierarchical workplace. Or aspires to have a business of your own, and grow a team to help you realize your business goals. 632 more words

Social Media

Too Young for Nostalgia

Wednesday – 2:16pm

Wow. That’s all. Just wow.

I just got approval to graduate in December! I’m shocked! I was so so so excited initially, then stunned, and now I’m scared. 1,515 more words

A Day In The Life