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Thoughts: Shame and Ambition

Today’s thoughts are about how we can remain mindful of whether our ambitions are fueled by shame or passion for self-actualization.

If we consider ourselves ambitious it might serve us well to investigate the root of our ambition. 1,146 more words


Are we happy?

Everybody always asks if you have a career, if you are married, if you have children. Like if life was some kind of grocery list, but no one ever asks us if we are happy…

World Around Us

How To: Better Your Cover Letter

We live in financially unstable times.  Even with the best qualifications, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the average American to find a decent job.  It isn’t nice to think about, but you or someone you know may end up searching for a new job in these unfriendly times.  542 more words

How To

Hate Mondays? Hate your job? Hate both? Here are some steps you can take NOW to deal with it.

Most people hate Mondays. I used to hate Mondays because I hated my job. I felt like a prisoner in my life. Every time I woke up Monday morning I was reminded that I… 1,356 more words


29. Advice From Successful Women

Today I attended a presentation at work given by three very successful women with the titles of either Principal or Executive Director. Women leaders – successful in their careers, married, with young children (average age of about 9). 582 more words


Sunday Rundown: Glitter, Confetti and 'Body Of Mine'...

Such an unbelievably hectic this week, which wasn’t made easy by the fact I have been ill!  However, it’s been amazing to film the video for ‘Body Of Mine’, my collaboration with Sophie Smith!  842 more words


In the news- #Payinterns

‘It will look good on your CV” . That’s nice, but will it look good on my bank account.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many unpaid internships I did just on the basis that it will look ‘good’ on my CV. 252 more words