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Hey! Buy my design on a t-shirt!

I was contacted by Mister Dress-Up about putting one of my drawings on their apparel – help a not-so-starving-but-looking-to-launch-a-creative-career artist and check it out!


tip7 #healthyoffice

Adjust your working chair.



Life is a beach, yet disguised as a bitch.

I really want to become a beach bum. I don’t think it’s a millennial thing or maybe I do. I mean, that is the difference between millennials and Gen Z. 368 more words


Productivity 101: Starting A Hobby

Well, here I am, finally doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Nothing starts out perfect, and I’m sure that also applies to this blog. 375 more words


Advice For the Class of 2018 and Beyond

Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Congratulations, graduating classes! You’ve successfully completed one chapter of your life, and it’s time for the next one to begin. The path you take with not always be clear nor will it be without challenges. 638 more words

Why Is Everyone Else Living the Dream While I Feel Stuck?

Picture this – you’re just out there living your life. You’ve been working and grinding, starting to feel like a BOSS when, out of nowhere, your friend announces they bought a house. 771 more words