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What Really Happens When You Quit Your Job to Follow Your Dreams

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you probably know that I quit my corporate job back in March to teach yoga and *be a blogger* full time. 1,553 more words

in search of work experience

This September I will start my second and last year as a graduate student. Which means I should start looking forward to my future prospects as an employed human-being. 414 more words


The Sunk Cost Fallacy; Or Why It's Never Too Late to Change Course

You know that psychological phenomenon called the sunk cost fallacy?  Basically it’s when you refuse to abandon something (a job, relationship, money investment, etc.) because you’ve already spent so much time or money on it. 303 more words


Mocchacino, please.

Before coming to Christchurch yesterday, I had a quick stopover in Ashburton to catch up with my boyfriend over coffee. We went to Columbus Coffee for our morning fix. 310 more words


Just Keep Swimming

So the way my Saturday night ended was the subliminal forecast for how the rest of my week would plan out. I went to a roof terrace in Brixton for a couple drinks with friends. 573 more words

Choosing a City, Tough Stuff

Well, the Big Co. has made a suggestion that we “could” think about relocating the group to a new city.  It wasn’t a heavy-handed suggestion.  In fact, they specifically said we were free to stay put if we so choose.   299 more words


Justin Bieber Gave Zac Efron Career Advice! Really?

Apparently Justin Bieber is a life coach now. After partying one day with friends they stopped by Zac Efron house, and he gave him some advice. 97 more words