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Second best

It was ‘no.’ It was also, “Can we keep your application open in case our number one person says no?” I was crushed and stayed home from work to cry and sulk and clean (because I clean when I don’t feel in control). 277 more words


The only one that can change this is you.

My life has seen many changes in my recent few years. In 2014, upon entering my thirties, my life began to evolve. I went through a divorce, I sold my home, I found my partner in crime, I went back to school and I resigned from my job of almost 13 years. 638 more words


4 Steps To Take Before Turning Your Passion Into Your Profession

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“Follow your heart. Chase your dreams.” We hear this all the time, especially during university commencement speeches delivered by luminaries like Steve Jobs… 715 more words

Money Matters

let's talk about jealousy, baby

I sang that title out to Salt N’ Pepa  – it might be stuck in your head now, but this post isn’t going to be as snappy as some 90’s song. 883 more words


Replacing Driving Music with Podcasts Has Changed My Life

Like most Atlantans, I have quite the schlep to work. Maybe it’s due to our Un-rapid transit system, the 1 million people moving here in the last decade, or let’s just blame #UrbanSprawl.   395 more words

Mid-Week Tangent: Perks of Having a Homemaker

For four months, I played the part of homemaker and it was a brief but wonderful time. I loved not working. It was grand. And then I went back to work and my world turned into a hectic, mad rush to fit everything in: workouts, work, making breakfast, lunches, helping with dinner, keeping the house tidy, running errands, finding time for friends. 524 more words

Feeling supported through change

I recently said to my partner, “Oh I’ve picked up some work on a factory closure that starts next week”. He replied, “What a shame for the workers!” He’s absolutely right. 513 more words