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My New Job

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed your nice long weekend. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had quite a day, as you can tell by my headline, and I just wasn’t in the writing spirit. 513 more words


Holding Pattern

After a two plus hour interview with the top 4 company managers, executives, I am wiped out.

Now comes the waiting part. I believe they have been looking for awhile. 109 more words


Listen for the Pebbles That Can Propel Your Career

Some of my greatest lessons, examples and reminders come from my dogs. I have three dogs; the one pictured is Luke, the baby of the family. 1,003 more words

What To Do When You Experience The Anxiety That All Post Grads Talk About

As soon as you graduate, you are bombarded with new emotions and new information. At first, graduating feels like a dream. It hasn’t quite hit you yet and your adrenaline lasts a while after you get off the stage. 747 more words

Why I over-eat

I read a quote from Warren Buffet today. He says:

“You ought to be able to explain why you’re taking the job you’re taking, why you’re making the investment you’re making, or whatever it may be. 297 more words


A Humanities graduate *and* an aspiring entrepreneur? Cue laughter (and some useful resources for the doubting Humanities graduate)

A few months ago, I wrote a bit about some lessons that I’ve learned so far on my entrepreneurial journey. What I have only recently started learning though, is that being a Humanities graduate in the business arena is…somewhat…challenging. 842 more words

Career Woman

8 Reasons The Person You're Dating Is At Work All The Freaking Time

Dating someone who works long hours is challenging. You hardly get to see them, and when you do, they’re often tired, stressed, or totally brain dead. 791 more words