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Three Years as a Public Relations Professional

Yes, you read it correctly. It has been three years since I began my career as a Public Relations Professional. Today in 2013, the day after Labor Day, I started working almost non-stop in this demanding yet fulfilling field, with only April 2013 as my only break.  1,658 more words


The Joys of Shopping

Shopping with my family, one of the joys of life. Crying, whining, pouting, running away, slumping… and that is just me.  I am going to a Career Fair in the Philly area Tuesday and I need something to wear.  484 more words

Not quite experienced for that job? Let’s fix that.

It always seems that companies want loads of experience in a new hire. The typical candidate question in return is “How do I get experience if I don’t get an opportunity… 234 more words


Keeping cool under stress

Is incredibly difficult and for the birds. Yesterday I was having a lovely day at work. It was going to be a good day in sales and I was going to be able to meet my goals and wow some customers. 517 more words

12 Questions Everyone Asks While Struggling To Adult

Twenty20, rebekahAs a recent graduate, I’m adjusting to the entire “adult” lifestyle. To be honest, being an adult is NOT as fun as it sounded when I was 8, 16, or even 21. 27 more words