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It's Time to Challenge Yourself to Bigger Dreams

As you pursue your dreams in life, your world may sometimes seem to be falling apart. So go right ahead… bury your head in your pillow, cry, take long, lonely walks if you need too. 115 more words


Why Physicians Write?

“Medicine is my lawful, wedded wife, and literature is my mistress”
Russian physician-writer, Anton Chelrhov

I finished reading Paul Kalanithi’s “When Breath Becomes Air” recently and just started Siddhartha Mukherjee’s “The Gene”. 647 more words


Client Management Day 1 - abuse & shivs

9am client calls are lovely, no?

As a day job, I manage professional clients for a national law firm – but I have never felt the need to  281 more words


The hunt has begun...

This last week I took a weeks holiday from work. The idea was to find a new job or at least apply. That was my plan anyway, it did not really work out like that at all. 105 more words

Are we defined by one career?

I studied nutrition and now I am an editor.

And no, I don’t write about food.

(It is not a real shitty tatto, it is my left hand trying to write on my right one for the only prupose of this photo…) 503 more words

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Pseudo-sexual professional relationships

There are the actual sexual relationships. The marriages and families. The affairs.

Popular media tropes: doctors and nurses, doctors and other doctors, senior doctors and junior doctors, professor and college student, politician and intern, associate and partner, senior associate and junior associate, personal trainer and client, doctor and patient, psychiatrist and patient, summer intern and associate, politician and assistant, etc. 392 more words


When Is Your Project Truly Done?

Have you ever worked on something for so long that you can’t tell if it needs more adjusting or if you just made it way too convoluted? 743 more words