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Day#21ofMarch #Cheek~Fila #careercenter;)

Targeting objects inside the layers panel.

First ill select the arrow on the Bone layer next ill select and drag the little blue box next to the first group to the text layer.alright my thing is way different than this guys so I just followed as much as I can.. 141 more words


Kaitlyns Eve


Manipulating Art Boards with the Art Board tool

i have completed nothing because i couldn’t figure out how to fix my image and i finally figured it out. 140 more words


No fudge cookies Day#2

Today I’m finishing lesson 2 for real this time.

creating and using custom views

  • Ill Start by opening my image in illustrator. next ill zoom in on the top corner image and select the view menu and select the new view command and ill name it comp one ill do the same thing for the middle and the bottom.
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