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How To Master Your Brand Authenticity And Stand Out From The Crowd

The recent election results sparked an entrepreneurial fire under the heels of many minority women in the U.S. Some are motivated by fear, while the remainder are fueled by a desire to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck rat race of lower tax brackets under Republican leadership. 686 more words

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7 Military Veterans Who Became Entrepreneurs Later in Life

On November 11, Americans observe Veterans Day to honor the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. The occasion has this blogger thinking about veterans who apply their military traits and skills – such as leadership, teamwork, discipline and focus – to start a business. 509 more words


The top ten pet hates of a management trainer

If you’re going on a course, try not to do any of these!  and – enjoy!

  1. When the first thing someone asks you is “When do we finish?”
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Work Fast or Efficient, Which Do You Want?

Have you ever noticed how the majority of the world does not understand the workings of a mind with a disability? I thought it was just me but speaking with my husband who is ADHD, it seems he has the same issues. 268 more words

A Grave Omission

How do you briefly describe a life when the life is that of Thomas Jefferson? In his 83 years Jefferson succeeded in leaving an indelible impression on the nation he helped create. 136 more words

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