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Male STEM scientists reluctant to see gender bias in science (new study)

New study by Ian M. HandleyElizabeth R. BrownCorinne A. Moss-Racusin and Jessi L. Smith:

“Ever-growing empirical evidence documents a gender bias against women and their research—and favoring men—in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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An antiapology of the student experience

The enthusiasm for the “student experience” is a depressing example of how higher education is becoming a commodity. Universities invest in better services not only to please students, but to enhance their competitiveness in the market by attracting more, or better qualified, students, and to boost their scores in the national student survey and league tables.

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Go Gov – Finding a Job in the Federal Government

Looking for a job in the federal government? If so, be sure to check out many of the resources offered through OITE, including:

1. How to Find and Read Job Ads… 140 more words

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Quitting My Tenure Job: the story of a legal history academic

Interesting polemic (even if the title has that annoying Buzzfeed ring to it):

“In the time that’s allotted to us to in life, we have to make many choices.

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I can’t get my head around the grammar of the opening sentence of this document I found on the EPSRC webpage:

“A clearly thought through and acceptable pathways to impact is an essential component of a research proposal and a condition of funding.”

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The life of a postdoc on a T-shirt

If you stopped drinking coffee for a week or two, assuming your research doesn’t suffer from this violent caffeine withdrawal, you can buy one here with the money you save: 18 more words

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