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The Mathematics Department at Leicester University

The EMS has issued a statement on the deeply regrettable proposed staff reduction in the Mathematics Department of the University of Leicester. Click through to read it: 38 more words

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Diversity Statements

In an academic job search, it is not uncommon to get questions related to diversity during your interview. You may be asked: “How do you bring diversity into the classroom?” and “How do you bring diversity to your research?” Recently though, diversity statements have become more and more standard. 532 more words

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The Spectre of Maths Anxiety

What an anger-inducing report for a Monday morning. It is a good report, but the subject made me angry. Reading a full historical account of why there is such a thing as maths anxiety at all, and why it persists into the 21st century, and why it is especially more prevalent among women, is so depressing. 104 more words

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First Generation College Students: Challenges, Strengths, and Resources to Develop Confidence and Move Ahead

If you are the first in your family to attend college, you may have already experienced some challenges or concerns like: not knowing many contacts in the fields of science or medicine through your circle of family and friends or feeling like an imposter and wondering if you really belong in various professional groups or meetings. 496 more words

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Money for nothing, research grants for free

This really is not some value-neutral fascinating social phenomenon such as the currently en vogue “academic acceleration“: it is a bad use of academic time! 230 more words

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Science Careers in Industry: Top Ten Myths

Post written by Brad Fackler, MBA

When you have primarily worked in an academic setting, any other work path can seem like a confusing and scary venture. 995 more words

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