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Two Christmas movies, more sequins and more mince pies.

It’s finally feeling very Christmassy. We watched a couple of movies and ate mince pies.

1. A Christmas Carol. The one with Alastair Sims. We need a better female version. 94 more words

My First Published Article

This is the last published article I’ll put on the main blog page. Any subsequent ones I’ll add to the page Previously Published Articles. I’m adding this one as it’s quite important. 207 more words


Curiosity Did Not Kill The Cat, It Gave It A Promotion

Is good performance enough to get you promoted? Are good grades and a colourful resume enough to get you hired? On both fronts, the answer unfortunately is no. 955 more words


Online recruiting tools have failed. They forgot the humans.

Almost everyone looking for a job today goes to any number of job platforms from Indeed to ZipRecruiter, Workopolis and a thousand others. The various platforms boldly pronounce with striking marketing statements that they use magical pixie dust algorithms that perfectly match candidate to employer. 339 more words


Been MIA... Might Be Back.

Hey guys, so it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve posted. Lots has happened, changed, and progressed. I checked back in here a couple weeks ago, shocked to find that people still come to this site and are reading. 291 more words


Deliveroo Core Kit Freebies

Everyone likes a freebie, so here’s what I got free from Deliveroo. The washing machine is mine – David Bailey I am not.

  • A giant hyper-reflective rucksack with adjustable waist and chest straps.
  • 281 more words

Google contractors write to CEO demanding equal treatment

A group of Google employees wrote to Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai this week demanding better conditions for the thousands of contractors that make up more than half of the internet giant’s work force. 594 more words