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Some Tips for Oral History Interviews

An assistant professor at Texas Christian University, Dr. Melita M. Garza holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a doctoral degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina. 202 more words

Melita Garza

The Only and The Other

Imagine landing on an alien planet (yay space travel, someone funded you!), filled with humanoid creatures with green skin and electricity instead of hair. But your spacecraft is out of fuel, so you’re going to be here for a while. 863 more words



I am getting ready to graduate in about a month so I have been applying to different types of jobs within the criminal justice/public safety field that have looked interesting. 430 more words


Career in Care

Been discussing about how to get people to choose care as a career. There is nationally an issue with recruitment and staff retention in Care. I feel we need to promote Care as a career choice but how to do that? 422 more words

Health, Care, Well-being

Career advice, please

Just before Christmas, after the failure of our first round of IVF, and after I had quelled some of the ensuing grief with the eminently well thought-through decision to get a cat… 521 more words


illustrious illustration

Illustration is one of those jobs that seems really glamorous. And it is. Illustrations are sexy. They steal the show and are in the spotlight. Good illustrators can set the tone for a company, website, brand, project, etc. 654 more words

Creative Juice

Mousetrap Youth Arts Leadership Conference - 15 February 2018

As a recent graduate and someone who is always looking for the next opportunity and what is available to me as a young person and as an adult in the post-university world, I have a tendency to sign up to a lot of mailing lists… and then unsubscribing or allowing my junk inbox to fill up with emails I will never open. 1,497 more words