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Improving the Work-Life Balance May Not Be as Tough as You Think

As the pace of the world becomes ever-faster, the battle to successfully achieve the right balance between work and life is more difficult to win. 486 more words

Essential Hiring Tips for Entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Ken Lear.

Your business has been growing steadily, which is great. But one day you realize that you’ve reached the point where you need to hire other people to help you run your business. 719 more words


Yes Queens you can have it all but are you getting to enjoy all that you have

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Dear Bougie Black Career Driven QUEENS,

Yes, we can have it all, we can do everything under the sun and our men wonder how we do it every day. 453 more words


Which is more likely to lead to a heart attack on the job – prolonged sitting or standing?

Jobs that require workers to stand most of the time put their employees at a greater risk of heart disease than workers who mainly sit, a new… 689 more words


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® provides franchisees a chance to work freely as business owners

-Written by Erik Sargent

If you’re someone looking to own a business, it’s important to pursue a franchise opportunity that fits who you are as a person. 654 more words


Making Side Gigs, Double Careers & Job Pivots Work

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Making Side Gigs, Double Careers & Job Pivots Work

The nature of work and employment is changing. More and more people are taking up “side hustles,” switching between jobs, even balancing multiple careers. 139 more words

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The anxious person's guide to patience

Patience is a tricky trait to tackle, and these days, it’s become near impossible. Everything is fast-paced, and everyone seems to be doing the next thing on their list before they even start with the first. 1,102 more words

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