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Woman considers... writing a novel

‘If JK Rowling can do it…’ thinks 85% of the population, 65% of the time, all the time 138 more words


Dear Future Us

As we recently reached our 1 year anniversary of Sober Kisses, we thought why not commemorate this journey with a special post. Not sure if our origin story has already been told, but to sum it up this whole blog started off as a way for the four of us to tell each other stories in a forum that allowed for something greater than hasty texts and half-told stories. 1,176 more words

Please welcome our new employee, Matt, to the team!

It is always nerve-racking coming into a new company and trying to break the ice. Ensuring that new employees feel comfortable is crucial to building a positive transition within a company. 756 more words

Time is my Frenemy


Full disclosure: I’ve become really good at wasting it.  Like getting myself sucked into what others are doing or trying to sell on Facebook. Like watching too much t.v. 343 more words


People In This Career Get Divorced Less Than Everyone Else

If you don’t want to get divorced, then you should consider a career as an actuary. The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) recently took a look at the careers with the highest and lowest divorce rates. 246 more words


Friendship: An Unexpected Benefit Of Training

We often think of training as solely a learning endeavor, but educational events can also serve as opportunities to build new relationships. Whether delivered online or in the classroom, learning experiences–when designed with an eye on socialization–bring people together in ways that typical networking or social events cannot. 268 more words


Journeyman Plumber

This week, our spotlight job of the week is our opening for a Journeyman Plumber, located in our Louisville, Kentucky region. To learn more about this this position and many more visit our careers page… 11 more words

TP Mechanical