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Uncertain whether, Studying Abroad could boost your Career or Not?

Gosselin says, “You go abroad and think about what’s really important and why you want to do what you want to do.”

One can understand that,after being grown up in a typical Indian family,it’s difficult for anyone to leave his/her family and explore different opportunities abroad. 581 more words


How much of a consumer are you...

A consumer is a person or thing that consumes. Consuming being the general taking something in.

The food chain analogy is an interesting one… In terms of life and opportunities, how much of a consumer are you? 232 more words

From Rs 500 to Rs 55 Lakhs, This Man’s Rags to Riches Story is a Must Read!

You failed the interview of your dream job or you didn’t make it to the final cut off list of a top institute. Failing to fulfil your dreams can be quite demotivating but this hard-hitting story of a 27-year-old something, Mumbaikar Devendra Dave is a great example of how one needs to run the extra mile and fight tooth and nail to achieve those big dreams. 456 more words


Employment Kampf : The Trade Show

After my last work search debacle I retreated to my crib and spent three months developing prototypes for some mass-market gizmos. Poured a lot of effort into this and enjoyed the process of invention. 1,475 more words



I wish i could be what i want to be and do what i want to do. They all say we can, but we can’t. Even with hard work some never get to go live out their dreams. 99 more words

A Career as a Patent Attorney

I recently embarked on a new career path – that of a trainee patent attorney.  It’s not a career I had ever considered before.

As a child I fluctuated in my career aspirations from hairdresser to vet to actress.  1,340 more words


Top Reasons To Consider A Career In The Packing Industry

Packaging is not just a multi-billion-dollar global industry; it’s also the largest industry in the world based on gross sales. As the industry continues to grow, employees are sought at all levels, from production to distribution to administration and management. 321 more words