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For parents of autistic children, more social support means better health

Chronic caregiving stress has also been associated with poorer physical health — more pain, more disruptions from physical-health problems and lower overall health-related quality of life. 65 more words


New Publication: Caregiver needs and stress in caring for individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Members of the iNAT (creators of this blog), and collaborators recently published new research about caregiver needs and stress for those caring for individuals with FASD. 160 more words


Caregiver Burnout: Self Forgiveness Required

I read a letter to Dear Abby from a woman who had hit her dog once.

As I recall, the woman had been up around the clock for days caring for her much loved pet toward the end of his life. 827 more words


Caregivers and guilt: must they go together?

Guilt is a problem in any caregiving role.

Are you a parent? I’ll bet you feel guilty because of a million things you didn’t do right, because of the times you didn’t give your full attention or weren’t able to be there, because of what you weren’t able to provide. 771 more words


Can a caregiver get a "Thank You"?

Gratitude is a lovely concept.

When you work hard to provide care for someone and you are exhausted to the point of tears from giving so much, sometimes you just want to hear, “Thank you.” As in, “Thank you for taking such good care of my mom.” As in, “Thank you for giving up income or a social life to deal with Dad.” As in, “Thank you for doing all of the messy caregiving tasks so… 652 more words


Judge not the Family Caregiver

Lately, I have been addressing the issue of judging other people.

I have written about not judging other caregivers for expressing anger, frustration, or resentment… 734 more words


Dear Star: Readers' Caregiving Questions

How can caregiver deal with own emotions and Mom’s diagnosis ?

My mother has Alzheimer’s and dementia. I am her caregiver and am under a lot of stress. 1,036 more words