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The body in the driveway...

Yes, a neighbor banged on our door to tell us there was a dead body in our driveway.

This was not a Halloween type prank. There really was a dead human being in our driveway. 190 more words



Another sick day under my belt, and I’m growing increasingly frustrated that it’s taking so long to be better.
I know “better” is a pretty broad term, because I don’t know when or even IF I will ever be “better” all things considered, but being able to get out of bed, and walk to the mailbox would be a nice change of pace at this point. 817 more words

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Competitiveness In The Inner Courts Of Our Lives And Relationships

As I faced challenges this week in my caregiver journey with my siblings, I realized that life to some people is a contest, a constant competition and comparison of their performance against another’s performance.   288 more words




You hear the term frequently but it is used so commonly that it dilutes the meaning.

I thought I hit a wall weeks ago, but no. 655 more words

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Getting out of the house

It is extremely important that I get out of the house once in a while.

So G and I went on an outing to Target. The Curmudgeon wanted a DVD (Wonder Woman), I needed more Flonase and Claritin, and G and I needed to go out to lunch. 64 more words


12 Ways to be an Awesome Caregiver | Tips for Providing Thoughtful Care to the Terminally Ill, Hospice Patients, Loved ones Fighting Cancer and the Elderly

Here are 12 Ways to be an Awesome Caregiver! Qualities any good caregiver should possess and tips to help caregivers provide the best care possible. 33 more words


What do you do when the best-laid plans do not turn out the way you thought? I had an experience recently that I would like to share with you. 854 more words