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Gavin the great white squirrel scarer

Yesterday afternoon old Gavin decided to make a vocal round of the yard.

He barked for the sake of barking at each corner of the yard. 97 more words


Lessons Learned as the Worst Caregiver Ever

An unexpected fall caused a near pelvic disaster for my ninety-five year old Grandmother. Suddenly her life and the lives of my mom and I are hurled into new territory as she works to recover from a fracture in her pelvis. 622 more words


To boldly go where no...okay, not really...

I boldly go nowhere. I spend far too much time at home.


What if things sounded like this:

I boldly go to the basement and do laundry. 36 more words


What I've learned from being a Caregiver

Happy Friday Y’all!

So as many of y’all know, I work part time as a caregiver for my mother who suffers from Dementia, Aphasia, and Parkinson’s. 642 more words

"Florence Foster Jenkins"--An Example of The Elasticity of Marriage and the Caregiving Spouse

I have learned most of what I know about history and society and morality from reading good novels and watching good movies (I admit I go to TV more for the escape). 445 more words

Coping With A Spouse's Cognitive Impairment

Yeah, the person who didn't want a cell phone...

Has embraced it.

My car is set up so I can use my phone hands free when needed.

I just, last night, downloaded a grocery list app because the last time G and I went to the grocery store, I forgot my list. 53 more words


Dysfunctional Family of the Y ear

You would think that having a terminally ill family member would bring us closer. Circle the wagons, rally the troops? or not…

I knew this was going south when I got an email from my brother Wednesday morning-the subject line was “Unbridled loathing” 157 more words