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Essential oils: Can they reduce antibiotic use in livestock?

If your social media pages are anything like mine they are filled with claims that something you eat, drink, or wrap yourself in has miracle and restorative properties. 385 more words

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Is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) safe enough?

Unlike most people exposed to the Frontline investigation of supplements and vitamins, I really didn’t find it shocking that a lot of supplements are dangerous and that the bottles don’t contain what they say they do. 623 more words

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All 17 Miners Have Been Rescued From an Upstate New York Shaft

Seventeen salt miners who had been trapped in an elevator shaft at an upstate New York mine have been rescued, officials said on Thursday, and the mine’s owner said it would inspect the property to see what had caused the incident. 148 more words


All 17 workers trapped in Cargill salt mine have been rescued

Emergency crews have rescued 17 miners who were trapped hundreds of feet below ground at the Cargill salt mine in central New York overnight.

The incident happened about 10:20 p.m. 419 more words


Jerry Mander - Cargill Fires Nearly 200 Muslim Workers Over Prayer Dispute

Cargill Fires Nearly 200 Muslim Workers Over Prayer Dispute

Good on Cargill!

By Debra Heine at PJ Media

In an attempt to pressure Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan, Colorado, to accommodate their prayer demands, over 200 Muslim workers walked off their jobs twelve days ago. 433 more words

Jerry Mander

Prayer dispute leads to nearly 200 jobs lost at Cargill plant

Nearly 200 workers at a Colorado Cargill plant are out of a job after a dispute over prayer time.

The Fort Morgan Times reports the workers at the meat processing plant, many of whom are Somali, claim management stopped letting them take five-minute prayer breaks (which their religion requires) this past month. 199 more words


Muslim workers fired over prayer dispute walkout in Colorado

DENVER (AP) — About 150 workers, most of them immigrants from Somalia, have been fired from a Colorado meat packing plant after walking off the job during a dispute over workplace prayer. 127 more words