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High Gas Prices in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

In 2016, the energy sector performed at its very best and was in fact the strongest S&P performer with a huge return of 24 percent. The OPEC was able to cut a deal that would alleviate some of the oil excess and prices soared to around $50 a barrel. 682 more words

I just secured 4 Sprinter 144" wb high roof vans without any sliding side door.

Part of a fleet order that were made available, so I grabbed them! Cargo 144″ wb high roof vans built for ambulance conversion, without any sliding side door! 83 more words

The Sprinter Guy even has special offers on our mid size Metris Cargo Vans!

This new size offering from Mercedes-Benz is really starting to take off, here are some reasons why!

There is not a van in the market place today like the… 112 more words

Best Power Inverters for your Work Van or Truck

Power Inverters are a must-have feature for those who work out of their car, van or truck. Throughout the day, you’ll no doubt need to use a computer or tablet, charge several different phones, or recharge power tools. 379 more words

New Storage Options for Pickup Trucks

Many tradesmen own a pickup truck that they use each day for work, but the storage options can be limited. There’s only so much room to use for organizing tools, equipment, materials and the stuff many workers carry around each day. 471 more words

How to Make the Best Use of Your Work Truck

If you work out of a truck or van all day, then you know how cramped things can get. You’ve got workers, tools, equipment, parts and no telling what else. 477 more words