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Poor Cari

I can hardly write all of this down, I am so upset for my friend, Cari.

Last night her dear friend “James” was driving around in her new car, as he loves to do, and he got into a terrible accident.   211 more words


Afternoon at the Pool

I saw Karen packing up her car for a trip of some sort today, so I decided to invite Cari and Amber over for a fun afternoon at her pool.   124 more words


Sick Whip

Mitch is very much in love with my dear friend Cari, but he still has to work, managing his investments and the foundation he runs.  This week he is out of town for a few days, so Cari and I have been spending a lot of time together.   458 more words


A Nice Surprise

Poor Cari.  She is always thinking of others and just gives and gives, but she has her share of bad luck.   We both thought she had finally found true love when she met the dashing and extremely wealthy “James”, but it was not to be!   300 more words


Take for Granted?

Diciptakan sesuatu untuk tujuan sesuatu. Lampu untuk menerangi, rumah untuk melindungi. Pohon dengan oksigen, awan dengan hujan.

Handphone diciptakan memiliki kemampuan untuk browsing, menelefon, aplikasi dan banyak fungsi lainnya. 319 more words


Just for Fun

Yesterday I made a lil’ summertime purchase.  Let’s call it a gift for myself (and of course my darling man).  It is sporty and fun, not to mention clean and new, so I am sure i will use it a lot. 72 more words


Go Ladies!

Sometimes Cari is a true genius, so it is no wonder we are such good friends.  She does this thing with her ex-mother-in-law where she won’t let her see Amber for weeks and weeks and then, when the  MIL is absolutely desperate to see her granddaughter, Cari gets her to babysit whenever she wants her to.   182 more words