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He Is Late . . .

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♦ ♦ ♦ EYES ♦ ♦ ♦

*Booty’s Beauty* Catwa Eye Appliers ~ Poetic

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Cari nóng sốt cho ngày đông

Xin chàoo ~ Lâu rồi { #silverspoon17cooking } mới quay trở lại nhỉ?

Lần này Muỗng làm món Cari bò theo kiểu Nhật nè, lần đầu tiên tự làm nên cũng hoang mang lắm =)) Nhưng mà về sau có mẹ giúp với cả mình dùng viên cari của Nhật để nấu nên cũng không có khâu trộn gia vị phức tạp gì cả :D… 626 more words

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Become a Most Wanted Reliable Programmer

What is Programming?

Programming is the process of writing, testing and fixing (debugging), and maintaining code that builds a computer program. This code is written in various program languages.

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Best Day Ever - Cari & Luis' Maui Engagement Portrait

If Cari and Luis look like they’re on cloud nine, it’s because they are. Just mere hours before we met up with them, Cari got the surprise of a lifetime – a proposal! 157 more words

Binding Ritual

The nights had been long after my hunger passed. But with Tony’s help and his love we conquered the hunger. I can now survive again on the blood of man without ripping their throats out. 521 more words