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Indigenous tribes are not primitive, they are DIFFERENT

It seemed like any other ordinary morning; I connected to the internet and checked received emails and read some news before I plunged the concentration into tasks that had to be done that day. 289 more words


Playas, Parque Tayrona, Patacóns y Más

Colombia patria querida, te llevo en mi corazón
Tu tienes la llave de mi corazón, yo te quiero más que a mi vida,
La Tierra del Olvido, 1,696 more words



From Bogota we took a flight to Cartagena and we stayed here for 3 nights. It is the fifth-largest city in Colombia and the second largest in the region, after Barranquilla. 167 more words

South America

Rincon del Mar

To get to Rincon del Mar one needs to take a bus from Cartagena to San Onofre and from there you can either take a Motorbike Taxi for 10’000 P or a taxi for 30’000 P depending on the road conditions and your haggling skills. 405 more words

South America

Living in the Caribbean: Sun, Sweat and Siesta

As droplets of sweat drip down my back within five minutes of riding the bus, I wonder how people could ever live in a place this hot, with this much humidity. 352 more words

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travelogue | costa rica (january 2015)

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Austin’s family plans an annual New Year’s vacation to bring all of us together, and this year we landed on Costa Rica, a country I’ve long wanted to visit for its one-of-a-kind landscape, wildlife and culture. 2,540 more words