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"sunrise, sunrise..."

“…feels like morning in your eyes.”

Sunrise. My favorite time of the day. When the world is asleep but the earth is beginning to wake. The soft air encases me completely. 105 more words

Costa Rica


Cahuita – a small town on the Caribbean coast. Home to Cahuita National Park, reggae music, bright colors, palm trees, black sand beaches and the coldest beer I have ever had. 247 more words

Costa Rica

Colombians narrowly reject FARC peace deal in surprising referendum upset

With a narrow majority, Colombian voters have rejected a peace deal between the government and Marxist FARC rebels in a surprising upset. Colombia’s president has said a ceasefire agreement will remain in effect. 737 more words

Hola from the San Blas Islands!

You are lucky you are even reading this blog as we nearly died the first night of our yacht trip from Cartagena, Colombia to the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama. 463 more words

¡Vamos a Mexico!

I’ve been extremely lazy with writing this post. I’ve put it off because honestly, I didn’t feel like I had the correct words that would ensure I truly do this post justice. 1,390 more words

Exploring Colombia's wild wild east

I feel so uncomfortable here, I could cry.

These are the words with which my journal entry on day 15 of my trip begins. I wrote it after I had just spent seven hours on three different buses and in the back of a jeep driving through the desert in Colombia’s wild wild east only to find myself in one of the sketchiest places I have ever been – Cabo de la Vela. 1,605 more words


Living la Pura Vida in Puerto Viejo

What a place! Puerto Viejo is on the Southern Caribbean side of Costa Rica, close to the border with Panama. Because of the strong Caribbean influences from surrounding islands, Puerto Viejo takes on a super chilled environment with a great surf scene and reggaeton party atmosphere at night. 910 more words

Caribbean Coast