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Living in the Caribbean: Sun, Sweat and Siesta

As droplets of sweat drip down my back within five minutes of riding the bus, I wonder how people could ever live in a place this hot, with this much humidity. 352 more words

Wander Our World

travelogue | costa rica (january 2015)

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Austin’s family plans an annual New Year’s vacation to bring all of us together, and this year we landed on Costa Rica, a country I’ve long wanted to visit for its one-of-a-kind landscape, wildlife and culture. 2,540 more words


Safe today?

Taganga, Caribbean coast January 2015. GAULA is the special anti-kidnapping unit in Colombia!


Stinking mats of seaweed piling up on Caribbean beaches

David McFadden (AP) writes about the how the accumulation of smelly sargassum seaweed is ruining the tourists’ expectations. He writes that “the picture-perfect beaches and turquoise waters that people expect on their visits to the Caribbean are increasingly being fouled by mats of decaying seaweed that attract biting sand fleas and smell like rotten eggs.” … 742 more words


Getting Coastal - Part 1

In the last nine days I’ve taken three showers, escaped chikungunya, and played with an indigenous child while exploring the Caribbean coast of Colombia…

First stop Cartagena! 419 more words

Coffee and cake

From Cali, the town of Salsa, we took a bus and asked to get off at the town of Cordoba. The driver let us off on the middle of a busy main road with kids playing by the side who immediately shouted over to us ‘AMIIIIIIGOS, San Cipriano??!’ (the place we were going), we nodded and they pointed us in the right direction. 872 more words

A Tour to El Totumo Mud Volcano near Cartagena

‘Bizarre’, ‘ludicrous’, ‘delightfully awkward’, ‘farcical’ and ‘ridiculous’ are just some of the words that have been used to describe the experience of visiting Colombia’s acclaimed… 1,443 more words