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Are you Ready for Some REAL Rasta Pasta?

Living in The NYC area and being of Caribbean background, you tend to hear the words “Rasta Pasta” thrown around a lot. Numerous variations exist depending on the restaurant you go to within the five boroughs. 293 more words


Ketch of the Week: When life gives you tamarind – make balls!

The saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I firmly believe that the West Indian equivalent to this would be “when life gives you tamarind, roll them in copious amounts of sugar to make balls… 465 more words


Disastrous Diaspora

Diaspora. (noun)
Derived from the Greek verb διασπείρω, meaning “I spread about.” A diaspora refers to a scattered population with origins in a smaller geographical point, or the movement of a population from its original home.

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Puerto Rico

Storytellers Are Readers (And Thank you, Nadine!)

I have now set my Sunday morning routine for the foreseeable future: Stay in bed (or half in bed) until midday, reading and sipping coffee (black, no sugar). 496 more words


Beach Reads

For me, books I read at the beach are in a whole different category than books I read at home…or anywhere else for that matter.  You might say I tend to prefer the easier reads…ones you don’t have to put too much thought or brain power into, ones that aren’t full of heartache and drama.   174 more words


Bahamas - expensive dissapointment

At the most desperate moment in Cuba I decided that I need to get out of there and I found the cheapest flight ticket which was to Bahamas. 561 more words