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New Single from Ras Fraser Jr., "Vacation For Two"

Rebel Sound recording artist Ras Fraser Jr., the son of legendary Reggae singer Phillip Fraser, brings you his new single “Vacation For Two… 84 more words



Having my goddamn jet lag after coming from Germany I got up at 5 a.m. the first day in the US. It would have been 11 a.m. 95 more words


All Inclusives

So last weekend was my first weekend out of La Romana and my first ever all inclusive. I don’t know how to even describe it, from non stop food/drink, random dancing, aerobics with the optional in burger in one hand and bikini contests involving cold showers and provocative music. 128 more words


On reparations, British PM adds insult to injury


When people owe you money and are not willing to pay for what they so eagerly took from you, it is a short distance for them to make the person owed into some kind of unworthy individual. 120 more words


The Fist- Derek Walcott

This piece is by St. Lucian poet and playwright Derek Walcott. I stumbled upon him as I was researching Caribbean poets last week and this week; in my goal of learning more about poets from that part of the world. 127 more words


Fires well spent: A review of "Ashes: A Broken Inception"

The thin, flat, little black book sat unassumingly on the shelf. It hardly made the effort to capture my attention. Maybe because it was the new kid on the block stuck between other glossy peacocks or maybe it was the hard to distinguish title, a title that said, whoever composed what lay between the unassuming covers traversed the same mental space I did. 367 more words