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You’re Wonderful

Running around,
Expensive graves,
Paddy’s Day,
We had our Green.

Laughter don’t cost nothing,
When it’s this much fun.


Racing Thoughts

Howdy y’all. We’re full on in the season of Almost-Spring. You know, winter in the morning (ice and possible snow flurries) and then spring by afternoon (snow and mud). 445 more words


Woodland Caribou: The lesser known Cousin

by Dave Hanks

We all are familiar with the caribou that migrate over the vast northern spaces. This animal is the Barren Ground Caribou. But, are you aware that there is another type – the Woodland Caribou? 232 more words


Cardinal, havre de paix / Cardinal, oasis of calm

Parmi les lieux que j’ai pu visiter au Manitoba, le petit hameau de Cardinal est l’un de mes préférés. Moins d’une dizaine de maisons le compose, et pourtant j’y suis allé trois fois déjà. 649 more words


Des aurores!! Des aurores!! / Look! There are Northern Lights!

Cette semaine, on a eu la chance de voir des aurores boréales à Winnipeg. Une activité solaire intense a envoyé un tel flot de particules que les aurores étaient annoncées comme étant visibles jusqu’au nord de la Californie. 373 more words


Flashback Friday – First Caribou

Editor’s Note: On Friday we dig deep into the extensive Safari Club archives and revive a story from our past. This week we follow a young huntress and her father as they travel to Alaska to hunt caribou. 1,103 more words

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