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What we can learn from the 20th century history of the Inuit

I’ve just spent an afternoon disappeared down the rabbit hole that is PubMed.

It started with a paper I spotted documenting the health changes that took place among Alaskan Inuit during the mid 20th century — an unusual topic to see in the British Medical Journal — but one which immediately struck a chord with my knowledge of the work of Weston A Price. 2,290 more words


¿Qué debemos saber si tenemos caries dental?

La caries dental es una de las enfermedades más extendidas del mundo. Básicamente, consiste en la destrucción que se produce en las distintas estructuras del diente como consecuencia del efecto de determinadas bacterias. 427 more words


Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body.

Did you know there are over 700 species of bacteria present inside the mouth? Scientists even have a fancy name for it – “The Human Oral Microbiome”. 404 more words

General Dentistry

Topical Application Fluorides untuk Caries Gigi Anak

Berawal dari sekitar bulan Oktober 2017 mama mulai mendeteksi gigi Razan mulai ber-caries. Jadi ada semacam flek di gigi nya yang ga hilang walau sudah disikat. 589 more words


Pain in children's milk teeth caused by extensive decay: we examine the best ways to treat the dental pulp

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in children. Tooth decay in the primary or milk teeth tends to progress rapidly, and it often reaches the pulp. 685 more words


Review and maintenance of Restorations by Smales & Yip in the British Dental Journal

The oral environment is hostile to dental materials and to dental treatments. Microorganisms, warmth, moisture and high stresses impose severe limitations on the ability to maintain the initial results of dental treatment. 24 more words

Prevention and treatment planning for dental caries by Yip & Smales in the British Dental Journal 2012

The practice of operative dentistry continues to evolve, to reflect the many changes occurring in society and in dental diseases and conditions. However, the belief that all questionable and early carious lesions should be restored still persists. 81 more words