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Pain in children's milk teeth caused by extensive decay: we examine the best ways to treat the dental pulp

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in children. Tooth decay in the primary or milk teeth tends to progress rapidly, and it often reaches the pulp. 685 more words


Review and maintenance of Restorations by Smales & Yip in the British Dental Journal

The oral environment is hostile to dental materials and to dental treatments. Microorganisms, warmth, moisture and high stresses impose severe limitations on the ability to maintain the initial results of dental treatment. 24 more words

Prevention and treatment planning for dental caries by Yip & Smales in the British Dental Journal 2012

The practice of operative dentistry continues to evolve, to reflect the many changes occurring in society and in dental diseases and conditions. However, the belief that all questionable and early carious lesions should be restored still persists. 81 more words

The Battle of Fluoride Against Cavities

Public drinking water in the United States has been treated with fluoride for 70 years. This is widely recognized by public health organizations as one of the… 736 more words

Slowly does it: no evidence that slow-release fluoride devices are effective

Tooth decay is not distributed evenly among the population, with certain groups being at greater risk of developing tooth decay than others. For example, research in Scotland has shown that 50% of tooth decay occurs in 11% of 5-year-old children and only 6% of 14-year-old children. 549 more words

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How 4 in one dental implants can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Even if your mouth does not trouble you does not mean it’s healthy and balanced. Considering that disease in the body starts on a cellular level, the first malfunction on oral health and wellness is so tiny that you don’t also know it’s happening. 686 more words

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¿ Sabemos como afecta las salsas en nuestra salud bucal?

Consumimos azúcar en exceso y gran parte deriva de alimentos procesados. No sólo bollería, helados y otros alimentos dulces tienen azúcar, también los alimentos salados pueden ser una gran fuente de  8 more words