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Who am I when their Bodies Fail Them? - Guest Blog (Anonymous)

One day, out of the blue, four and a half years ago, I became what our family calls “the designated child.”  My parents were aging, yet still living in their huge home in Kentucky.  523 more words

Who Am I When My Body Fails Me?

Do we always have to explain away things?

I posted way back when about a really weird dream I had.Here’s a recap.


I was in this house with a lot of other people and this angelic “force” hovered outside.I have no idea whose house it was or who the people were. 777 more words



Moved Mom from assisted living to memory care on Friday; not my favorite thing to do, but not entirely awful either. I timed the move to occur while she was at breakfast so she could be taken directly to her new space. 403 more words

Aging Parents

All My Life's a Circle: Respect Across the Lifespan

“We are once an adult, and twice a child.”

I’ve been away.

As ever, I have a lot of blog posts in the works, halfway or quarter-way written, a few with just a title and a sentence or two reminding me what I was going to write about so I can come back to it when I have time and brainpower.  

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I hadn't really thought about this

This week I’m going through more frustration, arguments, and new arrangements for my mother’s finances. We shared a joint account that I set up, so that I would have access if anything happened to her, and so that I could mitigate as much as possible her tendency to overdraw her account. 1,095 more words

Divorce At 60

The Changes I'm Going Through

My life is about to change. This is always the case though, right? Change is always lurking over the horizon? From day-to-day, minute-to-minute…

What’s happening with me these days: 398 more words


Are You Caught in the Sandwich Generation?

SOURCE: iMom/Dana Hall McCain

The American population is aging, and this means a rise in the number of adults caught in what researchers call the sandwich generation—those who are caring for aging parents while still caring for their own children. 641 more words

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