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Scenes from an accidental career: My life as a personal trainer (part 1)

The first line of the book, Becoming a Personal Trainer for Dummies, reads as follows: “When it comes to choosing a career, unless you’re a masochist, you probably want to do something that you enjoy.” For me, becoming a personal trainer was far more accident than choice…an accident that remains in progress for decades. 8 more words

Bob Woodward 'offed by Clinton death machine'?

Bob Woodward, 73, is the Washington Post reporter who, with his colleague Carl Bernstein, broke the story of Nixon’s Watergate — a puny scandal compared to Hillary’s unsecured email and the Clinton Foundation. 659 more words


Prince Albert Buys Grace Kelly’s Childhood Home; Winklevii Spread for $100,000/Month

It wouldn’t be a week in New York without news of another megamansion! This time, it’s telecom honcho Dexter Goei, the CEO of Netherlands-based Altice. Goei doled out $31 million earlier this year to buy 138 West 11th Street from Enrique and Katherine Alonso, using a limited liability company for the purchase. 493 more words


I've just finished reading: All The President's Men by Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein (1974)

I’ve seen the film several times and I never fully understood the Watergate scandal. Although it’s one of my favourite films, I don’t think it explains how the story broke in clear enough detail – there’s far too many people implicated in the scandal, far too many names to keep track of. 246 more words


Carl Bernstein: Clinton needs Obama to carry her across the finish line


By Carl Bernstein

Updated 8:51 AM ET, Mon September 26, 2016

Editor’s Note: Carl Bernstein, a CNN political commentator, is the author of “A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” considered the definitive biography of its subject. 1,664 more words

All the President's Men / *****

It’s been several years since I last saw All the President’s Men, the gripping dramatization of the investigation into the Watergate burglary – an investigation that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. 691 more words

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