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Carl Bernstein: 'Cold civil war' exists in nation seething with resentment, mistrust -- and the media isn't helping

(National SentinelPolitics & Media: Former Washington Post reporter and Watergate legend Carl Bernstein made a salient observation on Sunday’s otherwise misnamed “Reliable Sources” program on  831 more words


Lighten Up to Tighten Up, by James Howard Kunstler

What you do with a malignancy? Excise it, which may have been what Carl Bernstein was getting at when he referred to the Trump presidency as “a malignant presidency.” From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com: 344 more words


The Hubris Of Carl Bernstein And His Ilk

In truth much could be written about the following 48 second clip, but the most important and ominous part is during the first 17 seconds: 379 more words


Did Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein just hint that a soft coup against Trump was underway?

(National SentinelConstitutional crisis: Famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein seemed to suggest during an appearance on CNN this weekend that a ‘soft coup’ of sorts was being actively planned and pursued by the Deep State against President Donald J. 452 more words

Executive Branch

Trump, the media and Watergate.

It is no accident that President Trump is being compared to Richard Nixon, or that the Russian collusion/Manchurian Candidate meme is being advanced by virtually every media outlet as being analogous to Watergate. 2,098 more words