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Negan is a Beast!

If you’re reading this then I think it’s safe to say that you have seen or at least heard about what happened last night. If you haven’t please stop reading now because this path is so very dark that even sunlight would have a tough time lighting it up. 494 more words


Negan Is The Most Savage Of The Savages

Disclaimer: This post is nothing but spoilers, son. Literally all of the spoilers, man. If anyone doesn’t want me to ruin their experience, run for the hills immediately. 621 more words


The Walking Dead Season 7: The Day Will Come... (Non-Spoiler Review)

In the interests of those who haven’t yet watched this episode, I won’t reveal any spoilers on who Negan killed.

I was dreading watching this. I think most people were but I’m surprisingly not as upset as I though I would be, nor am I surprised at who got killed. 952 more words


Coming Soon: The Walking Dead Pops!

Pop!: AMC’s The Walking Dead

Announcing new Pop! figures from
AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Gabriel, Rosita, Carl, and Daryl are joined
by Negan, leader of the Saviors, and… 22 more words