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What's next for The Walking Dead ???

Cast and Creators Talk Season 6: The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead #138

Let’s be honest for a minute. The Walking Dead has its ups and downs, but for the most part, it’s a solid comic. I thoroughly enjoyed issue #137 and I gushed all over it when I reviewed it. 463 more words

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Apocalyptic Hygiene

Considering how heavy the past couple months posts have been I just couldn’t resist lightening things up a bit this month.  What better than… 1,598 more words

The Walking Dead

Walkers, Wolves and Morgan

The season finale of best show on television is just two days away. In some ways I can’t wait to see it, but it also means no more new episodes until October, and that’ s a bummer. 521 more words


How The Walking Dead Season 5 Ends

EDIT: I was totally and utterly wrong. Whew


For the most part I’ve stayed away from writing anything about individual episodes of the Walking Dead. 709 more words

The Walking Dead

Series Issues: The Walking Dead 5x15 - Snap, Crackle and Pop

Here may be spoilers.

You can almost hear the restraints snap open on this week’s The Walking Dead 5×15: Try. It’s not there have not been tension between the Alexandrians and our favorite group of survivors, but it’s slowly dawning on everyone that not everybody can make it in a world were both civilized and uncivilized forms of post-apocalyptic life are trying to co-exist. 760 more words

Series Issues

The Walking Dead 500 Word Review: “Try”

The Walking Dead 500 Word Review: “Try”

By Nick Wallander

Who would have thought that Sasha wasn’t the one with the heaviest dose of PTSD … 870 more words