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The Walking Dead #143 Review

For years now the Internet has been buzzing about who the main character of The Walking Dead really is. This issue seems to point in the direction of Carl holding that title. 423 more words

The Walking Dead #142 Review

The past couple issues have been building to this moment – Maggie informing Rick that his son took off from Maggie’s people to find Lydia (you know, the eye-hole licker). 245 more words

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A Look at "The Walking Dead" #143: "A Union"

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Rick and Carl had a falling out?  Well, let me clarify: they still see eye-to-eye on many things, but Carl’s brief time with Lydia- and by extension, The Whisperers, I suppose- has given him a fresh, albeit quick, outlook on the path he’s walked and how he’ll move forward from here. 1,243 more words

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#TheWalkingDead Newly-released Comic-Con art suggests a face-off in Alexandria

Newly-released art for the zombie drama’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con appearance in July.

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A Look at "The Walking Dead" #142: "A Gathering"

Issue #142: “A Gathering,” pushes the story forward by bringing the groups of the Alexandria Safe Zone and Hilltop together for the fair.  After so much development has taken place as a result of the time skip, we see the culmination of hard work citizens have put into this festival.  737 more words

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The Walking Dead ep. 3: Tell it to the Frogs

Rick Grimes? You got something you wanna tell me? In Tell it to the Frogs, all of Shane’s hopes and dreams are shot to hell when Rick reunites with his family. 106 more words

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The Walking Dead More Season 6 Predictions

I have searched the net again for Season 6 predictions. Here are my thoughts on what I found.

1.  Michonne and Morgan hook up. Michonne is so independent I find it hard to see her with anyone, but they both need someone. 411 more words

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