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Taxonomic hierarchy

A simple way to remember the classification groups created by Linnaeus.

Keep plates clean or family gets sick. 20 more words

Carl Linnaeus

When Norwich was the centre of the world*

*… the natural world.

This is the story of Norwich-born James Edward Smith and his involvement with the way we describe and classify the living world … but beneath this lies an important sub-text about the role of dissent in the advance of knowledge. 1,729 more words

Norwich History

Specimen Labels: History

It’s often noted that herbarium specimens are prepared today much as they were in the 16th century when Luca Ghini (1490-1556) created the first well-documented herbarium. 819 more words


Influence of a Passion

This is a guest post by Samuel Malley.


One of the most fascinating parts of plant interest is learning about those who have contributed to it as a whole. 408 more words


Lights, sights and lingonberries

Nearing ten o’clock at night. Speeding through customs with a small, carry-on backpack to a waiting taxi. Luxury!

Well before eleven we round a corner warmed by the glowing windows of the William Pub to arrive at… 1,655 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both

London in September

I always love to travel to London at any time of the year. In the last 47 years I have been to London numerous times in all Seasons. 439 more words

Tea for two - or at least for me

I live in a country of coffee drinkers. No sooner did this bean land on Swedish soil, but the Swedes fell in love with it. Okay, so originally coffee was far too expensive to be enjoyed by the lower classes, but soon enough it became an affordable luxury, to be sipped out of saucers with a lump of sugar (yet another luxury) under your upper lip. 1,564 more words