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London in September

I always love to travel to London at any time of the year. In the last 47 years I have been to London numerous times in all Seasons. 439 more words

Tea for two - or at least for me

I live in a country of coffee drinkers. No sooner did this bean land on Swedish soil, but the Swedes fell in love with it. Okay, so originally coffee was far too expensive to be enjoyed by the lower classes, but soon enough it became an affordable luxury, to be sipped out of saucers with a lump of sugar (yet another luxury) under your upper lip. 1,564 more words


A Nonfiction Bonanza

For much much of the summer I was sunk deep into several very good but not particularly page-turning works of nonfiction from my shelves. I spent months reading some of them, which is very unusual for me and often a sign that I’m not enjoying something, but this time that wasn’t the case. 994 more words

Nonfiction Reviews


This is a gorgeous little flower growing in my garden.

In Swedish we call it Linnea, which is also a Swedish name for many girls. 30 more words

What Ever

Lawrence Solomon: Give humans some credit for creating species, not just blame for harming them

(May 19, 2016) More benign than nature, and more sentimental about protecting species, humanity deserves more recognition. 797 more words

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Carl Linnaeus

Let me introduce to you, Carl Linnaeus. He is often referred to as the Father of Taxonomy who created a system of classifying every living plant and animal. 556 more words