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Hello! If you’re here looking for evidence against me, you will find it; but please read to the end.

When I heard people’s woes, and felt I was doing them some good, sometimes they would get some relief. 847 more words

Being Human

Sex Works! Conference -2018

One of the core conditions as described by Carl Rogers is being non judgemental, usually described as unconditional positive regard. UPR means being willing to suspend your beliefs and values, not in an inauthentic way, but in a way which sees the world through the clients eyes. 812 more words


The Adventure of a Box Named Creativity

Are people actually content with their lives? My immediate answer would be no. How can someone take a look at their life and just be like, “this is good enough for me.” Maybe I just have this thought process because I’m so young and haven’t “experienced” the world. 248 more words

Qué pEasCa: A brief convo with Carl Rogers

Me: Carl, why did you make person-centered therapy seem so easy?

CR: You’re concerned that I made person-centered look easy.

Me: Yes…

Me: Well, yeah, I guess it’s because I want to be as good as you. 16 more words

¿Qué PASA?

Types of therapies: Humanism

It has taken me some time to continue this mini-series about counseling or psychology theories, but here I am, back with a new post, this time about Humanism. 517 more words


What does a counselor actually do?


Beyond listening, what the counselor actually does probably depends on the counselor’s “theoretical orientation” or theory of counseling. There are many, many theories of counseling. 287 more words

Mental Health Counseling

The good life




is a process,

not a state of being.

~~ Carl Rogers