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Those moments ...

Life is not about maintaining the status quo.  Life is not about playing it safe every second.  Life is not about standing still and wallowing in self-doubt… 498 more words
Clear Mind Thinking...

A brave new ending?

A comment following a recent Facebook post I made, asked the question “What will be your new ending?” I’m not sure if the question was rhetorical or not? 474 more words


MY NAME IS PETRO AND I'M AN ALCOHOLIC - POROSHENKO SAYS President Viktor Yanukovych ousting was illegitimate.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko appealed to the country’s constitutional court, asking the court to recognize the ousting of former President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 as illegitimate. 92 more words


Kierkegaard's Quest: How Not to Stop Seducing

I just published the paper “Kierkegaard’s Quest: How Not to Stop Seducing” in Philosophy of Management.


Change has traditionally been perceived as something to be avoided in favor of stability. 127 more words


The Crazy World Were People Become Dr's For Their Parents Not Themselves. WHY?

Bitesized Psychology Lesson on self image

Psychologist Carl Rogers came up with a theory called the congruency theory

He believed that we have and actual self (who we are now) and an ideal self (who we want to be) and that the more the two selves overlap the happier we will be… 229 more words

Self Improvement

On Wearables, Lightness and Being

On Mother’s Day, my family presented me with a FitBit. It wasn’t by mistake or without some semblance of open communication.

I bought one for my husband, the HR Charge, on Good Friday (it just happened to work out that way; it’s also the only way I remember how long he’s had it). 2,380 more words


Going Back to the Basics: Empathy 101

School Counseling is a different breed of counseling. Time with students is often borrowed, begged or stolen. If you’ve never pulled a student from class and then slunk out of the room because you’re afraid the teacher is going to throw something other than dirty looks your way, your school’s test scores are either through the roof or everyone’s brain dead. 291 more words

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