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Radical information literacy, “domestic “violence and absolute control

Went to something on “radical information literacy.”  The questions are Who knows things,  how to know things/find them out, how to critique sources and figure out when they are being manipulated by friend or foe? 1,252 more words


Carl Rogers and Student Self-Concept

In this week’s reading, Carl Rogers writes about how his research has found that “positive human relations are related to positive human behaviors”. This research study cut across multiple social and racial groups and still came out the same way. 113 more words

Carl Rogers' Propositions [II]

The organism reacts to the field as it is experienced and perceived. This perceptual field is, for the individual, “reality”.

This is one of my favourite Propositions. 1,575 more words


EDU 6526 - The student-centered approach in a chemistry classroom

Any type of classroom no matter how big it is could and should be considered an organism. It is not a macro organization, because the relationships among the learners in a classroom and their teacher are usually more intimate. 797 more words

EDU 6526

Never stop learning...

I got a letter from the college I’ve been studying (and used to work at…) at today, offering me a place on the CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Level 4 course. 689 more words

Mental Health

Listening: When the soul touches another

What is the toll when for those we love, we fail to pay full attention to the subtle qualities of their life?  We are sometimes caught up in our own lives so much so that we are often not “there” for others around us.  1,498 more words

On A Personal Note


2015-01-29 @ 18:00 CST

Wherever this graphic originally came from on the Web (the image was made by someone on Quozio.com), whoever put it originally on Facebook as you see it, it came to my attention there thanks to my friend Yisraela. 457 more words

Carl Jung