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Going Back to the Basics: Empathy 101

School Counseling is a different breed of counseling. Time with students is often borrowed, begged or stolen. If you’ve never pulled a student from class and then slunk out of the room because you’re afraid the teacher is going to throw something other than dirty looks your way, your school’s test scores are either through the roof or everyone’s brain dead. 291 more words



I’ve been meaning to write something about forgetting for a while, but I keep on forgetting AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.




Of all of the hippy, wishy-washy, jumper-wearing things I’ve done this year while training to be a counsellor, getting in touch with my inner child has to come pretty high up the list. 1,202 more words


#Shush: The Deadly Sin by @TeacherToolkit

This is another blog about managing behaviour and how teachers can use vocabulary better. 503 more words


Carl Rogers - The Rogerian Approach

Rogers is known and highly-regarded for his person-centred counselling.

The so-called Rogerian approach focuses upon the person, not the presenting problem, as its primary aim.  Corey (2009) states that Rogers believed the person-centred approach assisted clients achieve a greater degree of independence as agents of self-change while also increasing their ability to manage their own problems. 183 more words

Mark Taylor

#rhizo15 W5: Is community learning an invasive species?

DAVE says: Rhizomatic plants are chaotic, aggressive and resilient. They model some of the qualities that can make a good learner. The rhizome, however, can also be an invasive species. 582 more words


Seychelles Spectacular Sunset Speculation

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Facebook or Instagram is familiar with my love of sunsets. I post loads of photos of the show on display as days end, each new, all different and spectacular in their own way and worthy of attempts to capture at least a fraction of the show. 549 more words