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An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Importance of a Theoretical Basis for your Counselling Practice Skills 

This article addresses why it is important to develop a theoretical basis for your counselling skills practice, whilst acknowledging other key factors necessary for shaping your own personal theory of counselling. 821 more words


Maslow, Rogers, And Humanistic Personality Theory

If you were not in class today (or need this for your work *in* class), attached is the web activity worksheet that goes along with our discussion on humanistic theory of personality. 27 more words

Notes And Homework

A Way of Being

This post is based on a review of Carl Rogers’ book A Way of Being that first appeared in Conjunction, magazine of astrological psychology, November 2013. 778 more words


Carl Rogers: transmitting shakti

When I was getting my masters in counseling psychology, we had to study all the great personality theorists: Sigumud Freud, Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, Karen Horney, and Albert Ellis just to name a few. 794 more words


Love in the time of therapy

Enough words have been written trying to describe the therapeutic relationship to fill several libraries. It lies at the core of the process, research shows it’s the agent of positive change, and yet, we still struggle to say exactly what it is. 768 more words


An example of the power of intentionality

In Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist he spoke of a person’s Personal Legend– what they wanted to accomplish in life and that of course got me thinking what’s mine, what did I want to accomplish? 640 more words