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Practice, makes as good as possible

Practice = the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use.

There’s no mention of the word “perfect” here. 768 more words


New adventures in writing

I’ve been very quiet on here lately, and this is partly because I’ve had to make some decisions to make – about my career and my writing. 624 more words

A sigh of relief, for any situation you find yourself in.

If unconditional positive regard is the answer, what’s the question?

First, let’s look at “unconditional positive regard.”

When someone (say myself) engages in less than socially acceptable behavior (something that might be considered by some to be mean, and I say some, because we human beings have different views on what it is to be mean or nice or funny or socially acceptable), how do I accept myself (or the other) just as I am (or they are)?

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Cajoling Innocence

I maintain that there is a desperate social need for the creative behavior of creative individuals…

In a time when knowledge, constructive and destructive, is advancing by the most incredible leaps and bounds into a fantastic atomic age, genuinely creative adaptation seems to represent the only possibility that we can keep abreast of the kaleidoscopic change in this world….

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Art + humanism + societal change

The Italian Renaissance (1400-1600 A.D.) was a period of monumental cultural and social change. The movement saw the resurgence of humanistic values, a philosophy that focused on the potential and possibilities of humanity in shaping the structures, beliefs and activities of society as opposed to a reliance on Christian doctrine. 578 more words

Psikoterapi, Terapi Psikoanalisis, Humanistik Eksistensial, Person Centered Therapy


Psikoterapi (Psychotherapy) berasal dari dua kata, yaitu “Psyche” yang artinya jiwa, pikiran atau mental dan “Therapy” yang artinya penyembuhan, pengobatan atau perawatan. Oleh karena itu, psikoterapi disebut juga dengan istilah terapi kejiwaan, terapi mental, atau terapi pikiran. 2,214 more words


The Myth of the Wounded Healer.

One of the delights in blogging is that I discover kindred spirits from various parts of the world.  One recent discovery was a blog entitled “Nickle Boy Graphics” in which another man with a fundamentalist-Christian past brings to the table a gentler approach to biblical faith.  402 more words

Jesus Christ