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Living with the Core Conditions Part 2

Im coming to the end of my first year training to become a person-centred counsellor. These last few months have been busy and I have found it hard to balance everything in my life. 196 more words


Higher Education's Biggest Challenge?

education = meta-learning + change

I’ve been looking at the 2015 NMC Horizon Report: Higher Education Edition, which charts the biggest near- and longer-term trends across the post-secondary landscape. 221 more words

Post-secondary Education

10 Worst Bills to Pass the House by Crossover

The 2015 legislative session has been rather…interesting. Between the slow start over what would actually happen with Transportation and the Budget to the abrupt ending which halted just about every piece of pending legislation that had a ‘NO’ vote attached to the transportation tax, most of us have been spending our days that it will just hurry up and be over. 1,066 more words

Georgia General Assembly

Humanism, its Antecedents, and the Practice of Person-Centered Therapy


Humanism bifurcated from other schools of psychology in order to focus on the subjective reality. Carl Rogers was inspired by past philosophers including Kierkegaard and Rousseau whom aligned with humanist ideas. 2,526 more words

The good life

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.

Carl Rogers


Carl Rogers' Propositions [III]

The organism reacts as an organized whole to this phenomenal field.

In my mind this proposition is possibly one of the most influential of all in regards to successful counselling. 266 more words