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Carl Rogers Theory

Carl Rogers was a humanist and a psychotherapist. Rogers believed that humans have one basic motive which is the tendency to self actualize, for example, to be able to fulfil their potential and being able to achieve the highest level of human being-ness). 231 more words

Games Design - Theory And Practice

Acceptance and Happiness

Acceptance and Happiness
ד,א בן זומא אומר, איזה הוא חכם–הלמד מכל אדם, שנאמר “מכל מלמדיי, השכלתי” (תהילים קיט,צט). איזה הוא גיבור–הכובש את יצרו, שנאמר “טוב ארך אפיים, מגיבור” (משלי טז,לב). 959 more words

Socialinė lytis: laisvė nesirinkti

Nuolat kintančios visuomenės, valdančiųjų įtakos sferoje atsidūrusi socialinės lyties tema dar ir šiandien kelia įvairių diskusijų. Pirmiausia dėl to, jog į mūsų pasaulėvoką, laikysenas, visuomenės gyvenimą lyg per prievartą indoktrinuojama… 1,062 more words


My Utopian Mental Health Dream

As someone who works in the mental health care field, I think it’s important for me to understand how the system works; both the good parts and the bad. 658 more words


No, sex work is not "just like therapy"

One of the recurring tropes that infuriates me is “sex work is just like therapy”. Whilst I can understand the appeal to respectability politics inherent in dismissing the fact sex work is, largely, physical labour there is more that needs to be challenged in this idea. 2,037 more words

Flying with new found wings

I read yesterday’s post.. whew. 400 resumes- yep. That is determination, even if I have to say so myself. Not all of those were a bust. 451 more words

L is for Listening, or Oh? How Do You Feel About That?

I can’t think of anything better than having a conversation with someone and really being heard. Walking away from an intimate exchange with another human being and leaving with that warm, fuzzy feeling that not only did that person give me the time and the space to express what was on my mind, but they really listened to me. 686 more words

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