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Amazing Rocket Ship: Come on a Creative Journey

A year or so ago I devised this scenario to use as a group exercise. It is based on my fascination and delight in space rockets and the Universe in general, fertile ground for imaginative play. 292 more words

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Be Real, Love, Empathize: Insights for Facilitators from Carl Rogers

While restorative justice is not therapy, it often has therapeutic outcomes for participants. Particularly at the pre-conference stage, the facilitator’s role can feel akin to that of a therapist, helping to guide and support clients on their own journey towards healing, learning and growth. 1,408 more words


'We do not become creative by thinking about  it'

Creativity is core to  Therapeutic Life Story Work. As a practising artist I have some intuitive understanding of the creative process. I also know that many deny their creative impulse, are shy to explore those feelings, refuse to re-awaken the child-like need to explore, deny that part of what makes them whole. 173 more words

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Joku Pettyy Aina

Kaudet päättyvät, työt jatkuvat. Muutama päivä juhlitaan tai otetaan happea. Ennen pidempää paussia on kuitenkin vielä töitä, sillä seuraava kausi on aina ajankohtainen. Pian koittavat myös pelaajien päätöshaastattelut. 1,094 more words


What it takes to be a psychotherapist

These are just my opinions, based on my thirty-plus years as a psychotherapist. I suspect that the first thing it takes to be an effective therapist is to feel a calling to the profession, as in a religious calling, or vocation.  966 more words