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Congrats, Carla!

“Give me a sense of purpose, a real sense of purpose, now!” – The Pretenders/Chrissie Hynde

This isn’t trending like a white or gold (or is it blue?) dress (really Facebook?!?), but the Academy of Arts and Sciences did give the grand Carla Laemmle (1909-2014) some post-Oscars memoriam recognition for her contribution to motion pictures. 108 more words


Oscar Recognition for Carla Laemmle

There are to do’s and then there are just dues and the grand Carla Laemmle, who passed away this fall at the age of 104, is certainly deserving of every accolade she can get. 202 more words


A Movie, Haunted Mansion & Monsters, Oh my!

Who, if any, will survive?

Mike Donahue’s horror laced comedy features legendary silent screen star and Hollywood royalty Carla Laemmle alongside over fifty cameos including John Blyth Barrymore! 119 more words