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Imaginary Creatures

Today’s book is Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim:

The featured photo is from the “Picasso Dogs” chapter. 

The following is what I created from her “Imaginary Creatures” chapter: 57 more words

5 Fabulous Online Art Teachers

I’ve discussed why I love online art classes here and how to select a class here but if you need more suggestions, here are some classes that I’ve personally taken you might like: 583 more words



…..when a scribble is art

If you had told me a few years ago that scribbling is a viable art form I would have scoffed at you. 204 more words


Night and Day

One of my assignments for my on-line art class with Carla Sonheim was to go for a walk and take 16 photos, one every minute. The first walk I took was at night and the next day I went out again in the late afternoon when the sun was still up. 21 more words


Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge -March 19, 2017

….thanks Cee for hosting Odd Ball Photo Challenge

In Carla Sonheim’s, Year Long Video a Day: 365, on-line class we were assigned a photo challenge. We had to stand in the middle of a room and with our eyes closed start shooting the space while turning around. 16 more words


A Happy Accident

….this happened when I tried to get a photo of the moon and failed

After taking Photography 201 I was hoping I was better prepared to take shots of the full moon. 135 more words


Creating Ginger Root Creatures

…..a grade 2/3 art project

For one of my assignments with Carla Sonheim’s 2017 Year Long Class: 365 we were instructed to take a piece of ginger root and draw the shape onto a piece of paper. 111 more words