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365 Days of Art - Painting Without Brushes

…..Days 20 and 21

In Carla Sonheim’s on-line class we were instructed to create a still life using a scraping technique using an old credit card. 129 more words


365 Days of Art - Day 19

…..I’m truly caught up

Today I spent time developing a piece of art around the theme “Target Animals”, except that I opted not to make an animal. 74 more words


365 Days of Art - A Study in Patience

….on day 17 I finally attempted the exercise that Carla Sonheim assigned last week

When I saw this assignment, called Target: Animals I was immediately reminded of Norval Morrisseau, an indigenous painter from Canada. 168 more words


Read Any Good Fiction Books?

I always enjoy hearing what fiction books YOU are reading!

  • What is your past favorite book as a child?
  • What did you read recently?
  • And perhaps… What you just started!
  • 75 more words

365 Days of Art - Landscape on Yupo Paper

….day 8 of my year-long challenge

With this piece I tried to direct the thread to create a landscape. Tricky! I used acrylic inks again for the threading and watercolour to fill in the spaces. 35 more words


365 Days of Art - Day 7

….I’m a day behind because my new computer was uploading 23 000 photos from the cloud

I’ve continued with the theme ‘threading lightly’ from Carla Sonheim’s year-long class. 32 more words


365 Days of Art - Day 6

…..today’s prompt was Blind Fruited

Carla Sonheim always comes up with interesting assignments. Instead of drawing a piece of fruit without looking at the paper (blind contour drawing), Carla wanted the fruit to be blindfolded. 22 more words