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New Orleans Collection

As most of you know I was in a serious car accident over Memorial Day weekend with my husband. This was two and a half months after my sweet mother passed away. 169 more words

From us with love

What happens when two artists collide! Why they paint, of course! During Carla Sonheim‘s recent visit (which I wrote about in my last blog post… 108 more words


The best Hello

Occasionally we connect to someone online that we appear to have a lot in common with…

Sometimes that connection grows over time as we share parts of our lives and comment on theirs… 263 more words


Paul Klee Inspired Art

….experimenting with Paul Klee’s style

The students in grades 1,2 and 3 that I teach art to were given a couple of quick assignments that could be finished in one or two periods. 295 more words


Ink Blots

There are few things easier to create on purpose or by accident than an ink blot.

There is so much and so little to read into one. 141 more words

I resist

Only 3 month are gone of the year and I had resisted already a huge bunch of online classes. I’m so proud! I focus and go for… 8 more words

A Few More Portraits and New Animal Sketches

….the grade 2s can’t seem to get enough art assignments

After Easter, when some of my students returned from extended holidays the last of the artist portraits were finished and I promised that I would post their work on my blog. 158 more words