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Carlito's Way (1993)

Brian De Palma and Al Pacino reunite on the ten year anniversary of their iconic crime film Scarface to bring us a similar but very different sort of mobster film.  643 more words



Did this portrait of my boo Carlito for a wrestling themed show at FLAIR CHICAGO –


Opens tomorrow, Saturday, so go check it out if you’re in the area. 10 more words

Ruthless Aggression #13: New Year's Revolution (Jan 7 2007) Part 3

Previously on On the Card: Brilliant, bloody match that was saved from Trips hurting himself.

Backstage, Todd Grisham stumbles through a recap of the last match before introducing John Cena, who is the best Cena. 1,492 more words


Pencil Drawing of Al Pacino as Carlito Brigante in Carlito's Way

This drawing is based on a snooker scene in Carlito’s Way. My reference picture lacked some detail in certain places so that was one challenge, and also the jacked took a bit of work. 90 more words


WWE Superstar Paige surprises boyfriend Alberto El Patron

WWE Superstar Paige surprised everyone including her boyfriend former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio now Alberto El Patron at the WWC Aniversario 43 event in Puerto Rico. 134 more words


Ruthless Aggression #7. Unforgiven (Sept 17, 2006) Part 3

Previously on On the Card: Bloody Hell in the Cell, great send-off for Trish (though could have been better).

Cut to backstage where we see Randy Orton give hell to Trish saying that no one cares about her retirement unless they are Canadian, in which case, he states, they don’t have much of a life. 2,332 more words