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Wormy Cheese and Integrity: A White Tower Review

Cheesy worms are enough to have a man tortured for blasphemy, but not enough apparently to keep the man from speaking his mind. I am seriously considering a blog dedicated exclusively to review of cheese after reading this book, but let’s start with the history behind… 2,049 more words

Individual Will

Blog post 10/19

I’m extending the due date for this week’s post to Sunday evening because of the break and the complexity of the reading material.

400-700 words. You are free to write in an informal tone, as long as the progression of sentences reflects a logical progression of your ideas. 72 more words


The art of failing

Today’s event in Florence is not Netherlands v Spain: it is the June Ball and the Conferring ceremony. This year, in addition to the Ph.D. 238 more words


Prompts for McTeague

  • How much can you tell about someone by looking around their apartment? Do you think the way we “read” private spaces has changed at all since…
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Suggested topics for Poe and Ginzburg

  • At a few points in “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” Dupin imagines what someone else is thinking. What sounds realistic about Dupin’s guesses, and what sounds far-fetched?
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