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Trump Won't Go Quietly

Donald Trump’s shackles were apparently attached to his campaign’s wheels, because they’ve both come off. As the Republican presidential nominee faces a cavalcade of sexual harassment and assault allegations that appear primed to doom his candidacy once and for all, he’s conjuring increasingly baroque conspiracy theories to explain his fate. 364 more words


Not Okay

At twenty-four days to Election Day – Trump or Clinton – there was no talk of public policy or foreign policy or economic policy. One of the candidates was obsessed with other matters, and his opponent fell silent and let him be obsessed. 4,088 more words

Busted! Carlos Slim

The Trump campaign has revealed the insidious plot where Mexican financier Carlos Slim has been found guilty of coordinating the smear campaign against Donald Trump. He enticed scores of women to come out with their claims against him just weeks ahead of the election that will determine the fate of this nation. 330 more words

Enigma In Black

Donald Trump says Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is conspiring against him

Well, this might come as news to the authors of a New York Times piece about two women who claimed they were groped by Donald Trump. 276 more words

Trump could never be a loser, so he's making himself a martyr instead

Donald Trump likes to repeat that he is a winner. It’s his claim to fame, his main virtue, and his qualification to be president of the United States. 449 more words

Trump to claim Carlos Slim was behind sexual assault stories -- U.S. election going toward Banana Republic Politics


Trump to claim Carlos Slim was behind sexual assault stories

Donald Trump will claim Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim was part of a cabal dredging up allegations the Republican nominee touched women inappropriately, The Wall Street Journal reported. 389 more words

Ira Stoll At The NY Sun: 'Will Trump Target The Times The Way Hulk Hogan Wrestled With Gawker.Com?'

Full piece here.

‘The Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is taking aim at the nation’s largest and most powerful left-of-center newspaper, the New York Times, in an attack that may expose how the newspaper is being propped up financially by a Mexican billionaire.’

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