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INTERVIEW: Midnight Mob

Summerfest is home to a great number of  emerging artists of all genres. One of those names this year is Midnight Mob, a New York band comprised of guitarist Mickey Squeeze, drummer Beatz, bassist Carly Quinn, and frontwoman Blackey Deathproof. 499 more words


And Carly Quinn switches to wordpress

I had told everyone about Carly’s blogspot blog, but she’s seen the wisdom of switching to WP and her new blog is here.

Richard Armitage

Police Chief Deanna Cantrell Interview

Being a female police chief remains a rare occurrence throughout America. Because this is typically a male dominated field, few venture to pursue this goal. Those women who do make it to the top have not had it easy, and normally have some stories to tell. 239 more words

Cal Poly

Artist Joanne Ruggles speaks of her experiences in her life with feminism growing up and throughout her career. Ruggles was raised with supportive figures that shaped her confidence and strong personality, while also encountering other demeaning forces who tried to knock her off her path to success. 15 more words

Cal Poly

Encapsulating Photo

Former Cal Poly professor and renowned artist Joanne Ruggles poses at Steynberg Gallery in San Luis Obispo on Jan. 25. Ruggles is one-third of the women profiled in the Powerful Women in SLO project.

Photo Attribution: Carly Quinn

Cal Poly

10 Things You Should Know About Women in SLO

  1. Women face prejudice everyday.
    • While having made big steps towards gender equity, women still face barriers and prejudice everyday. That is what makes these women even more amazing for accomplishing what they have accomplished.
  2. 428 more words
Cal Poly