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Empire Blade 2013

Featuring skating from Oliver Gomez, Rafael Herrera, Fabio Enes, Pablo Munoz, Carly Sanchez, Jesus Medina, John Manuel, and many more.


Flip The Script "To Be Continued" Montage

“Edit for our homies didnt wanna put anyones single name on any clips cause we wanted to be more about the sesh than the individual person. 42 more words


Spring 2011 NYC

Featuring Dominik Wagner, Ramelle Knight, Nigel HoSang, Shardy Nieves, Gregory Sturino, Carly Sanchez, and more. Edited by Shardy Nieves.


Flip The Script TV Daylight Edit

Featuring Jose Henriquez, Jon Ortiz, Ramelle Knight, Ryan Many, Erick Rodriguez, David Perez, Carly Sanchez, Bruno Delrio and Peter Oriz.


Flip The Script TV Maloof Session

One minute teaser of street skating at Maloof skate plaza starring John Stephens, Hector Martinez, Carly Sanchez, Peter Ortiz, Dave Perez, and Chris Saunders. Filmed BY Carly Sanchez, Merch Hernandez, Ears Saunders, and Hector Martinez. Produced By Flip The Script.


Flip The Script Forever Rolling Park Mixtape

“Having fun at Shields and Drop in: Featuring Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Ariel Surun, Carly Sanchez, Bobby Riechel, Shawn G, Ears Saunders, Peter Ortiz, Merchi Hernandez, Franco Cammayo, Chad Caroselli, Will torres, and last but not least Dominick Blanchard..Hope you Enjoy” – FTS.