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Bachelor in paradise week 3: erectile dysfunctional love

Obviously the suspense was killing us all week waiting to see if Amanda can surgically remove her tongue from Josh’s mouth and fall head over heels for ‘ED Evan’ (erectile dysfunction Evan, if you will). 815 more words


Bachelor in Paradise Tres - Week 3.2 - This Can't Get Much Worse Unless Somebody Dies

You know, sometimes the best title is provided by the show itself, and I can’t phrase it any better than Ashley I. Her life truly can’t get any more dramatic, and she cries so much, she actually affects the weather. 1,501 more words


Good-bye, farewell, or whatever you call it

The packing was the hardest part, and that’s what started to scare her.

She made the packing list weeks ago — a color-coded excel spreadsheet listing every single item she could possibly need in her move abroad. 922 more words


Bachelor in Paradise week 2 : poor Carly

So Chad has left us, AGAIN. Suddenly Lace is far less interesting except for the fact that her eye lash extensions have gone rogue.

Lace at the hairdresser: “I’m thinking ‘ratchet’ but like also classy” 958 more words


Happy Dog

One of our clients has a dog named Carly. She was a yellow lab mix, about six or seven years old when we first met her. 228 more words


Bachelor in Paradise Tres - Week 2.2 - Can You Imagine Josh & Amanda on the Habañero Date?

Previews! Nick is bummed, Josh is hungry for some face, and Daniel is stirring the pot. Bachelor in Paradise starts…right now!

But first, Daniel is counting his abs, and he’s losing count… 1,632 more words


Bachelor in Paradise Tres - Week 2.1 - We've Reached Peak Bachelor

Every television series with a multi-year run has that one great season. The characters are fully realized and unique, the actors have found their voice and they play off each with telepathic ease. 2,866 more words