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Primary weekend in New Hampshire - this is what it's like

Tomorrow is Primary Day! in New Hampshire and so (naturally) we spent the weekend attending as many political events as we could.

Friday was called a snow day due to the storm that came in overnight, but that didn’t stop us from catching this candidate at her Nashua office. 473 more words

Blame the RNC

The RNC was supposed to be the leadership and guardian of Republican principles. They have failed. In failing, the RNC has become beholden to big money, the Chamber of Commerce, the political class, political consultant class and career members of Congress, more interested in re-election than working for “We the People”. 124 more words

Super Bowl Sunday

With Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching, it seemed appropriate to pull out a few photos from the archives and share them today.

These were all taken four years ago in downtown Indy during the festivities leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. 44 more words


We are in the throws of a very important season in this nation; we as Americans should put on our patriotic pants and get in line at the polls. 856 more words


things waiters REALLY want you to know

  1. We are real humans that deserve common courtesy. We are not servants. Please just listen to my server spiel at the beginning. This is your chance to ask me questions, but please don’t interrupt me when I am trying to get your drink order.
  2. 431 more words


Carly had trouble picking her feet up on Tuesday morning, thanks to the five pound boots she had laced up on her feet. It didn’t help that she felt unbalanced already, what with having three layers on her upper body and only one layer on her lower body. 1,029 more words

A Start

Fredly one-liner: Carly we hardly wanted ya

In response to Carly Fiorina poor Republican primary election showing, she downsized the entire population of Iowa.