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Girls, What's Going to go Down on Monday's episode of "The Bachelor, The Women Tell All?!"


Suzanne Coleman

It sounds like people are really ready to see some re-matches on the upcoming episode of “The Bachelor, the Women Tell All.”  Let’s take a look at the possible line-up: 575 more words

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The crazies come out

Episode 5 begins with Chris and the remaining 11 women traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Megan begins the episode out how excited she is for the trip because she “has never been out of the country.” Apparently, she needs to spend less time on make-up and more time knowing the states in her country. 415 more words


The Kennedy Centre and the Carolinas

When I left off from my last blog, we had just had a fantastic weekend in New York, and after we got back to DC on the bus (after some horrible traffic), we pulled out from Union Station and looked to our left to find the glistening Capitol Building seemingly welcoming us back. 1,012 more words

Is Carly from "The Bachelor" a Sociopath?


Suzanne Coleman, MD

She’s been called “evil.”  She’s been called a “bully.”  But, what is she really?

Well, we can’t really tell just from some clips of her, because you know how editing can make someone seem like something they’re not, but what we saw in those clips does give us an idea of what kind of a person she might be.   757 more words

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Bachelor Gossip: Whitney and that VOICE!


Suzanne Coleman, MD

Ok, first of all, I want to say Whitney seems like a really decent person.  She’s got her life together, she hasn’t been shown to be mean like Carly to the other girls, and she respects herself.   719 more words

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One Day: A Book Review

Review: One Day by David Nicholls

Published: 4th February 2010

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks

The award-winning novel-come-first-date-film, One Day, is the super successful work of British author David Nicholls. 738 more words


An Introduction of Sorts

I cannot believe I did this.  In teenage’d speak, like I literally cannot believe that I made this blog. I mean, this decision to do . 300 more words

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