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Post 12: Conclusions on Integration of Muslims in Europe

In the book Islam, Europe’s Second Religion, Lief Stenburg discusses the integration of Muslims in Scandinavia. He breaks this integration down into four levels. The first is “the general integration of Muslims, in order to make Islam and Muslims an accepted part of the country’s everyday life.” Integration at this level has been difficult and slow-moving, as Scandinavians are still learning to accept Muslims and to interact with them, and Muslims are still learning to leave their comfort zones found in their local Islamic communities. 569 more words


#GH 's Jax Nelle Carly Sonny via @stacyamiller85 @lldubs @MauriceBenard @chloelanier @IngoRademacher #GeneralHospital @GeneralHospital

Lies and secrets always have a way of hurting those involved when the truth comes out. General Hospital’s Jax, Nelle, Carly and Sonny are learning this out the hard way. 553 more words

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We Got Buttons!

I love finding new style hacks to change up my LuLaRoe. Recently, I discovered buttons! All you need are some coins and elastics to create a variety of looks with your favorite LuLaRoe dresses and/or tops. 343 more words


Making the most of 24 hours in Iceland - by Carly Ann Noah

Ever since I saw an image of the Blue Lagoon, located in Reykjavik, Iceland, I knew that it was a place that I had to visit at some point in my lifetime. 263 more words

Post 11: Immigration and Integration

The Muslim immigrant population in Italy presents several differences from the Muslim populations in other European countries. In other areas of Europe, Muslims first immigrated as part of guest worker programs after World War II, when these countries were looking for laborers and skilled workers, particularly from one of their colonies. 715 more words