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The Games I Wish I Had—Xbox One Edition

I’ve never owned a Microsoft console. I’ve never really felt the need to, like there was a game I needed that I couldn’t get elsewhere. Heck, the game I knew most from Microsoft was Halo, and everyone I knew played that on PC or Mac. 136 more words


Carmageddon: Reincarnation Gets A Release Date

For PC, that is. Joking aside, the latest Carmageddon will release on April 23rd after being available via Steam Early Access for (basically) a year. 68 more words

'Carmageddon: Reincarnation' Has A Release Date And A Suitably Splattery Trailer

Hey, remember Carmageddon? A classic 90s parent-shocker, Carmageddon was a racing game that gave you bonuses for mowing down pedestrians. The games weren’t exactly highbrow stuff, but they were some decent dumb fun. 64 more words


Dipping my toe in everything

Over the past week it’s been all about Steam games, with some World of Tanks thrown in.    After installing about two dozen games I’ve managed to enter and play a few of them. 476 more words


Screaming, full with adrenalin. This is what this game caused me. Oh, those afternoons full of blood and gore and derby and screams and cars and speed and adrenalin. 247 more words



Kill people as much as you can! You have 90 seconds of rampage! Use mouse to drive the car