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Carpet, Staining Stair Treads, A Full Moon and Mellow Mushroom Pizza

I don’t think I’ve ever been as hungry as I was tonight. I spent all day bending over or hunched over stripping, sanding, staining and polyurethaning the stair treads. 219 more words

Oh, My Aching Back!

No, seriously. My lower back has never hurt like this before. When did this shiz happen? I was just 29 last week….it seems….I felt.

I was bending over to work on the drawers of the buffet. 268 more words

I'm A Real House, Now!

It’s amazing how a house can change. When we walked into the Carmel house back in March, it looked like the 1970’s threw up on and inside of it. 392 more words

What Happened Here, Hallway?

So, all the neighbors of the Carmel house have come over and gone through the house (some have snuck in, a-hem, our employees will ALWAYS tell us) and we have learned the entire history of the house, ownership wise. 306 more words

The "What the Heck is This Room" Transformation

When we bought the Carmel house, there were many “what the heck is this room” rooms but most of them were in the basement. The room off the garage was this large, empty, nondescript room that led to the kitchen. 472 more words

It's Coming Along

Here is the “before” photo of the wallpapered disaster of a room/office:

The past owners took this innocent bedroom and tried to make it into an office and what you can’t see is the disaster area of a past closet/current wtf? 241 more words

Prepping for Paint, New Carpet and Things of Which I Know Nothing

There were at least ten cars at the Carmel house when I went to check things out, today, yet I only counted four people working….hmmmmm. Then, when I went out in the garage, I found about ten of them sitting around smoking. 517 more words