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If possible I love starting the Auckland Writer’s Festival off with attendance at the NZ Listener Gala Night.  Eight authors get seven minutes each to ad lib a chosen topic.   695 more words

Beyond Something Fierce: Carmen Aguirre, child victim of the paper bag rapist, holds nothing back in her haunting memoir

Carmen Aguirre’s Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter made as big a splash as any writer could hope of a literary debut.

Published in 2011, the actress/playwright’s vivid account of fleeing post-coup Chile, living in Canada as a refugee, and returning to South America to covertly fight the Pinochet regime gained strong reviews and a decent-sized readership; then, with rapper and soon-to-be Q host Shad serving as its on-air advocate, the book won CBC Canada Reads and was catapulted to instant and enduring bestseller status. 1,387 more words


Something Fiercer: Trauma ignites Carmen Aguirre's new memoir Mexican Hooker #1, written in fire

Mexican Hooker #1: And My Other Roles Since the Revolution
By Carmen Aguirre
Random House Canada
288 pp; $29.95

A traumatic event might conclude after an hour or two, but the story it ignites in the mind, body and soul of the attendant person will write itself in fire over the course of a lifetime. 906 more words


Preyed upon at 13 by the ‘Paper Bag Rapist,’ survivor shares how she was able to look her attacker in the eye

It was the first hot day of spring, April 26, 1981. Two girls, giggling, talking about boys, shared a purloined cigarette on a wooded trail near their school in the University of B.C. 1,562 more words


Blue Metropolis: Literary festival comes of age

It’s a fact that might make some of us feel old, but Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival is celebrating its 18th birthday this year. Think about that for a minute. 1,297 more words


Reconstructing the story: Top 3 New Generation Chilean Productions

The last few years have been particularly busy in terms of creative output by a new generation of Chilean documentary/film makers & writers. Second gen Chileans are now in their 30’s & 40’s and using novel ways of making sense of their experiences and identities. 249 more words