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Book Review: The Glass Wall series by Madison Adler & Carmen Caine

I wanted to start the year off with a book recommendation. I was with family a great deal of the holidays, and had more down time to read than usual. 528 more words


Spellfinder (Cassidy Edwards Novel, Book 2) by Carmen Caine

Revenge. Until now, my revenge was more of an idea. A fantasy. A mere whisper of what revenge should be. But it was a seed—and it was time for it to sprout. 586 more words


Monster (A Cassidy Edwards Novel) by Carmen Caine

Revenge. It’s all I’ve lived for. Revenge against those who stacked the cards against me from the start. But I’m changing the deck now. I’m getting even. 512 more words


The Whys...

There is an opinion in the romance world, that historical romance is dead. Well, clearly it isn’t, there are a lot of folks writing historical romance and quite a few still read it. 368 more words

Monster (A Cassidy Edwards Novel #1) by Carmen Caine

So I finished this book almost a week ago now, but I’ve been putting off writing a review because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. 754 more words


Learning to Trust.


Bree is dismayed to find out her father is selling her as a bride to an old man for the price of three sheep. 202 more words

Historical Romance

Christmas is near are you ready? Prt1

With Christmas less than two weeks away, it is a great time to take out those wish lists. To check up on your favorite authors or new ones you have just discovered. 615 more words