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Love, betrayal, and gazpacho.

Visiting the darker side of love.

Gazpacho plays a leading role in the 1988 movie “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” by Pedro Almodóvar. 426 more words


Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios. (1988)

The most famous movie directed by Pedro Almodóvar is the 1988 screwball comedy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. It was nominated for a Foreign Film Oscar and inspired a Broadway musical. 901 more words


La ley del deseo (1987)

In Law of Desire, Pedro Almodóvar shows the effect that being repressed can have on a person.

Pablo Quintero (Eusebio Poncela) is a successful gay film director who has a transsexual sister, Tina, played flawlessly by Carmen Maura. 838 more words


Matador. (1986)

(Traducción a castellano sigue)

Almodóvar takes on the Spanish bullfighting institution, always a controversial topic, in his fifth film, Matador, starring Antonio Banderas. I would like to point out that the word English believes to have borrowed from Spanish,  946 more words


Volver (2006), Pedro Almodóvar

A magical realist fable in the guise of a crime story, Pedro Almodóvar’s 2006 Volver packs three generations of resilient Spanish women – who happen to be vulnerable and delicate as well – in a poignant and mysterious tale of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption. 941 more words

Film Review: 'La vanite'

The lighter side of euthanasia — if such a thing can be said to exist — is explored with more grace and good humor than might be expected in “La vanite,” an amiably off-kilter new feature from Swiss writer-helmer Lionel Baier. 646 more words

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Locarno — Lionel Baier: 'Families Are the Most Dangerous Social Group on Earth'

Playing next week at Locarno’s Piazza Grande — one sign of a potential crowd-pleaser — “Vanity” (“La Vanité”) is the seventh movie from Lionel Baier, one of Switzerland’s young filmmakers with a fairly high international profile. 1,049 more words