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This is dedicated to two drinks you can find in the grocery store.

One with booze, one without.

Both magically delicious.

My latest grocery store obsessions: 414 more words

Healthy Eating

7th Day - It's Saturday!

Oh my! It’s the wknd and I am wondering how I will make it thru.  It’s Saturday morning and my sugar-mama daughter, meets me in the kitchen- unexpectantly!  172 more words

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

I was craving chocolate so I decided to whip up a smoothie with these ingredients I had on hand:

Carnation Instant Breakfast, fresh frozen strawberries, and milk. 81 more words

The Best Drinks for Iron Nutrition

Non-meat iron sources can be hard to come by, but iron nutrition can easily be satisfied through the right non-meat foods, and even drinks. These drinks will make it easy to get your Recommended Daily Allowance of iron. 320 more words


Just another reason...

…why I am a reject….

I’m perusing www.vitalady.com … I buy my cal/mag supplements from her and occasionally some protein samples. I decided to purchase a 2# container of vanilla and possibly chocolate. 341 more words

So today was the Real first day of the journey. I did everything right – sort of – I did have a nice healthy breakfast – a Carnation instant breakfast. 219 more words

What I Ate Wednesday #2

So you all know Murphy’s Law right?  What can go wrong, WILL go wrong?  Welcome to my day today.

It was day 2 of my new job as a long term care dietitian.  553 more words