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Eating: Breakfast Shakes

My mornings are always rushed. I am trying to get ready, get my stuff together and make it out the door. I have always tried to be the person that does not skip breakfast, but my fast-paced mornings continued to make this harder for me. 163 more words


Temps en suspension

Le temps nous semble passer si rapidement, même l’instant présent devient trop vite passé. Ces fleurs figées par un froid tel celui de l’hiver montraient leur délicate beauté. 16 more words

Sue Vo-Ho

Dairy-Sweet Memories:THE STORY OF CARNATION 

Almost everybody LOVES milk, regardless of the fact that either we are on a diet or not; And yes, there may be all kinds of dairy milk brands out there, but no matter what, no brand would ever be associated with milk so much better than Carnation, a brand that has been well-known not only for its milk products, but also for other foods. 589 more words

Burns & Allen

Make Easy Baileys Chocolate Fudge Today With Just 4 Ingredients

What do you make for a St Patrick’s Day treat? Baileys Chocolate Fudge of course…all the deliciousness of regular Chocolate Fudge but with the added bonus of Baileys yumminess thrown in for good measure! 263 more words


We've all heard of Birth Stones but what about Birth Flowers?

The giving of flowers as gifts to celebrate birthdays is believed to have started during the Roman Empire. These gifts were not just for family and friends, but also a way of honouring Roman Gods. 517 more words


Love Like A Scarlet Carnation

On Valentine’s Day, the doctor for whom I work, purchases red carnations for every patient who comes that day for treatment. This affection towards his patients has always impressed me. 621 more words