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Medieval Times: The Bringing of May

Mayday was a popular celebration in the middle ages as an annual tradition of Bringing in the May. Back then, people of all ages would venture into the woods and return after daybreak with wild flowers, greenery and hawthorn boughs, or even entire tree trunks which were then redecorated with flowers and long, flowing ribbons. 216 more words


I cannot be

                       If I were a flower, I’d be voluptuous carnation
                       Folding arcana made of rust and glinting tears
                       In my persisting blossom, sepulchral adulation
                       On that ultimate journey when no more fears                                                                      Seep into the fragile bones’ gist. 32 more words



I wrote this

the last night I saw you,

etched it on bended knees.

I know what it is like

to drop through ether,

for the first time  swim… 35 more words



I know what you’re thinking. What’s writing got to do with evaporated milk* – right? Well sit back and I might tell you all about it. 491 more words

Writing Tips

Carnation…and what's with that guy?

The other night I heard some guy on PBS say that it would be a tragedy if all the things  humans created were destroyed in some apocalyptic event.   226 more words


Carnation Flower Reflection

Carnation Flower Reflection   (Listen while you read) https://abcofspiritalk.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/carnation-flower-reflection.mp3

A hop, step, and a jump; that’s all it takes, and there you are somewhere other than where you were. 522 more words

Spiritual Reflections

Confluence of two rivers: Carnation

I took a VERY short trip this ‘weekend’ to Carnation, lasting not even three hours. But hey, sitting in the sun is hot.

As usual, I thought I was going to drive someplace, so I didn’t bring my backpack. 441 more words