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Santiago Rusiñol i Prats: The Girl with Carnation

The girl with carnation (Teresa Mirabent Planas)

Santiago Rusiñol 1893

From the collection of

Cau Ferrat Museum

“From the beginning the light of Sitges dazzled…

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The scent of pinks

As children our garden had the typical lawn surrounded by flower beds. It was a long garden so we had a big lawn; there was a broad flower bed on the other side of a path leading from the back door, along past the kitchen and sitting room windows to the coal bunker. 234 more words

Bits And Pieces

It's the Mother's Day in Japan

This Sunday, the 13th of May, is Mother’s Day in Japan and the U.S. In the U.K it was the 11th of March this year and will be the 31st of March next year. 253 more words

Japanese Food

William McKinley & the Red Carnation

By Kaleena Fraga

William McKinley believed in luck. Specifically, he believed in luck derived from red carnations.

The nation’s 25th president had been given a red carnation by a friend and a political opponent as they ran against each other for the seat of Ohio’s 18th congressional district. 236 more words


When People Die

For some reason, ever since mom passed away, I really wanted flowers, so today, I finally went and bought some.

I guess you’d imagine that I’d get her favorite flower, but I have no idea what that was, so I bought my favorite color (yellow) and my favorite smell (carnations) and combined the two. 150 more words

Life Transformations