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Annie Appel: The Occupy Portraits — finished, free, and online

Annie Appel has recorded a vital and rich moment in political and cultural history. Here are the many faces of Occupy. . . . What is can barely be described.

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Nonviolent Action

Carne Ross: An Independent Diplomat

As a student of International Relations, this video from ted.com inspired me a lot. Here is the story of a former diplomat. After 15 years in the British diplomatic corps, Carne Ross became a “freelance diplomat,” running a bold nonprofit that gives small, developing and yet-unrecognized nations a voice in international relations. 196 more words


The Leaderless Revolution

The Leaderless Revolution

by Carne Ross

For those who are struggling with the fact that “the system” is broken, and who are looking for some positive thinking about alternatives, this book may be helpful. 126 more words

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