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Carnevale in Full Swing

Through the friendship of our tour guide in Norway last year, Judit Garzo,

we found our Venice guide: Julia Bridges.

Julia works as a professional guide for other tour companies. 829 more words


Dressed up to party,

Young and old alike, dancing,

Whirling and twirling.


The best defence against the treacherous is treachery - week six painting blog

Its that time of the week again when I post the model from my huuuugggggeee backlog that I have been working on.

This week I decided to tackle the legendary Capodecina which I managed to pick up from TT combat ready for my ‘Prince of Thieves’ Carnevale Kickstarter pledge. 354 more words


All Hat, No Cattle

As you will see, I don’t slave over my editing process. This blog will be a stream of consciousness and once we get to Venice, it will contain photos of our daily adventures. 803 more words


Erica and I hopped on a plane and went to Italy for a quick weekend trip! I have a friend who lives in Vicenza who offered us his guest room, so that was a huge blessing. 1,551 more words

José and Panchito to Join Animal Kingdom's 'Carnivale' Next Week

Two of the three caballeros are taking things to the streets of Discovery Island.

José and Panchito are joining in on the Carnivale fun starting February 4th. 40 more words

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