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A week later

I did Get Sweaty. Still no 15 minute abs and a day late, but I’m getting back on track after that unfortunate internet outage.

Yeah. We won’t mention that one again. 143 more words


No internet

Well, it’s back. But it went out, along with our cable, and then my dvd player on Friday. One right after the other. Didn’t get any of them back up until Sunday afternoon. 35 more words


It's Stinky Time

Or you know, Booty Time. ┬áBut I’m most def stinky. And sweaty. And gross.

But I feel amazing. And hungry.

Kept the weights the same, but I’m planning on upping them just a touch next week. 22 more words



I finally was able to do a full move that I couldn’t last week. Not because of weight or difficulty but because I have NO coordination. 91 more words


Rest day

Unfortunately, still a work day. But no weights outside of carrying stuff at work. But I’ll be back at it tomorrow!


Sweaty and Nasty

I mean, Sexy and Sculpted. No. Def Sweaty and nasty. In only a good way. Probably.

But seriously, burpees are hell when they’re the normal ones. 104 more words


Days 3 and 4

As you can see, I did both days 3 and 4. But I did them both today. I had a close/open shift from Thursday to Friday and ended up so tired that I was dizzy while sitting by the time I got home. 156 more words