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Girly weights

Are not girly in this one. Seriously, I was rockin’ the 2.5 pound weights (mostly because I hadn’t done this one before and safety first, dude) and by the end of it, my arms were burning. 162 more words


The Beach Diaries 2016 — #2 in an Occasional Series

An old lady waves over the railing at the crew of a lifeboat idling along the river, who all return the gesture. I’m fascinated by the human instinct to wave at anybody who happens to be passing by on an open-topped vehicle; say, carnival princesses or Christmas mascots. 1,120 more words

The Beach Diaries

Sexy and sculpted

Well, in comparison to the regular BBL, I can – without hesitation – say that the Carnivale version is more weight oriented while still keeping up the insane cardio s so fond of. 156 more words


3 Days to Carnivale Lagos ‘May 2nd’| Book Your Stalls

Carnivalé Lagos is back with Lagos city’s biggest, most vibrant festival for fashion, and food enthusiasts. It’s all about urban lifestyle, shopping and food. Really, what more could one ask for? 277 more words

Carnivale Lagos

Masks and Gondolas

I could not write about Venice without a brief mention of the magnificent and unique transportation. The highlight of any visit must be the river transport. 143 more words


C is for Carnivale

C is for Carnivale

Remembered by Kerry E.B. Black

Daniel Knauf’s lavish HBO series “Carnivale” lasted two visually stunning seasons and 24 episodes from September, 2003 until March 2005. 671 more words

A-Z Challenge

The Magic of Carnivale and Delphi...And Midterms

Spring is here! At least technically. I only know that because the calendar on my phone tells me so. The weather recently gives no indication of spring whatsoever. 466 more words