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And Now, The Answer To The Question:"WHO AM I?"

Back on Wednesday, I had given you folks a nice little puzzle, the very first one featured in my newly-named blog, KALEIDOSCOPE; In that puzzle, I had shown you an image of a celebrity who has been concealed with a disguise(by me, of course)… 416 more words


Carob Oreos

It looks like a failed cooking experiment in a cartoon.

It’s me again, Dearest reader, with a new recipe. Aren’t you…THESE ARE DOG BISCUITS. I’M SORRY! 1,089 more words

Gluten Free

Double Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

After a while, we all tire of protein shakes. They lose their fun. Do you know what never loses its fun? Ice cream.

As a health-conscious vegan, finding ice cream that didn’t make me feel like I was betraying my fitness goals was… tough. 410 more words


Chocless hazelnut fudge balls!


1 cup raw hazelnuts
1/2 cup raw buckwheat
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup linseeds
1 cup soft goey pitted dates
1/4 cup coconut nectar… 192 more words


Carob Cake (aka Algarvian Chocolate)

Living in Algarve, I grew up with some of the most amazing pastries I’ve ever tasted – even after trying some great desserts when traveling in Europe, nothing matched the flavour of a homemade traditional cake from my beloved portuguese region. 319 more words


Food: let’s move onto Halva, I mean what is this crap?

I mentioned before that my parents were hippies, so I was basically brought up on the equivalent of a modern day hipster diet. ‘Wow, great’ you probably think, well I’m not sure if you’ll grasp how traumatic this was but let me give you an idea. 415 more words


The One That Got Away: The Sweet Carob & Blueberry Vegan Tiger Nut Pancakes That Became Sweet Carob & Blueberry Vegan Tiger Nut Porridge!

When I read the big build-up The Tiger Nut Company’s Ani gave me on Instagram, telling everyone I was going to be posting new Tiger Nut recipes every day this week, I have to say I panicked! 530 more words