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Toasted Sunflower Seed and Carob Fudge

The further I delve into healing work the more I find myself cleaning. I guess it’s really nothing new, as I tend to clean a lot anyway. 593 more words

Valentine's Day: Chocolate Meets its Healthier Match

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it might seem like there is chocolate on every shelf, every counter and every menu in town. It’s one of our favorite tasty treats, but it is also packed with sugar and even caffeine. 126 more words

Holistic Healing

Carrot, Carob & Coconut Loaf

I love my loaves and am always trying different combinations using predominantly vegetables. This loaf is great for breakfast, a snack or dessert. It has no added sugar at all, the carrots and carobs natural sugar is more than enough sweetness. 98 more words


No Bake Earth Balls

I was raised vegan. I ate Loma Linda products everyday. Shout out to all that protein and lack of taste that I love so much. My mom then decided she would be more lenient, (or maybe she got bored with tender bits and canned veggie steak?) and let me eat dairy products. 208 more words

Leftover Vegan Chocolate Carrot Cake

This morning I wanted to use some of my excess baking ingredients. I had plenty of carob powdercarrotsgranulated sugar and  136 more words

Vegan Recipes

Byzantine Murri Right Away

Recipe of Byzantine Murri Right Away

Take, upon the name of God the Most High, three pounds of honey scorched in a kettle; 10 loaves of bread scorched in the brick oven and pounded; half a pound of starch; two ounces each of roasted anise, fennel and nigella; an ounce of Byzantine saffron; celery seed, an ounce; half a pound of Syrian carob; 50 peeled walnuts; half a pound of syrup; five split quinces; half a makkuk of salt dissolved in honey; and 30 pounds of water. 280 more words

Afternoon walk in sunshine in Spain - 13 Photos

Odin keeps an eye with me, while I photograph in our area in the afternoon today

As you see, we had visit by the sun today, which were wonderful… 172 more words