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Chocolate Bowl - Healthy Kickstart

This healthy chocolate bowl is a scrumptious way for a healthy kickstart. Bananas, carob powder (a less sweet version of cacao), coconut flakes, nuts and puffed amaranth will bring you energy for the day – and certainly a good mood! 96 more words


Insanely good raw vegan chocolate caramel cream

Ingredients (for one):

– 10 medjool dates

– 3 bananas

– 2 soup spoons carob powder

– 0,5 dl water

– 0,5 dl coconut milk… 186 more words


Hemp Heart and Carob Muffins

Over the course of the seven years that my husband and I have been together we have eaten pretty well. Probably above average, mainly because my parents eat a very strict diet due to undeserving ailments.  711 more words


Sweet Potato Carob Brownies

No sugar, no flour, just healthy whole ingredients to make this fudgy sweet dessert. Packed full of vitamin A, omega 3’s, and fiber – these brownies are sure to please your palate. 121 more words


The Porridge Diaries ~ A girl who religiously eats smoothie bowls for breakfast ventures into the mysterious world of Oats.

It all started with a churn in my stomach and feelings of exhilaration taking over my body. My chest felt a strange rush and soon my head began to feel like it was being compressed. 2,110 more words



Even with bare trees and brown fields, Italy is stunning. It gets down to -2 to -4 most nights and everything sparkles in the morning. The vineyards around Castelleale are gradually being pruned – two blokes with a rusty Piaggio van seem to have the contract for the whole area. 534 more words

Diary 2017

Chocolate Free Chocolate Bars (Carob Bark)

One of the hardest allergies to work with in this whole process has been my mom’s allergy to chocolate. My kids are dessert driven (aren’t they all) and they love to help bake sweets, but making an entire house smell like freshly baked cookies that not everyone can eat just seems cruel. 254 more words

Allergy Friendly