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Former Yahoo CEO Levinsohn: Marissa Mayer may have to go

”Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may have to leave the tech giant soon, according to a former head of the company who left after losing out to Mayer for the job three years ago,” Everett Rosenfeld reports for CNBC. 285 more words


Why women should do less and network more

Women are working harder than ever. A 2011 Pew Survey found that women are working nearly 60 hours a week when you combine paid employment, household chores and childcare. 822 more words


The complete guide to swearing at work

For those of us with a fondness for profanity, testing the bounds of cursing in the workplace can feel at once satisfying—and fucking terrifying. But fear not, there’s reason to believe that indulging your impulse to drop an f-bomb in the office is worth it, according to some experts. 1,241 more words

10 Inspiring Women from Around the World

How do you define the OROGOLD woman? Is she smart or beautiful? Is she a celebrity or a commoner? Is she rich or poor? Well, being an OROGOLD woman has nothing to do with your social status or your celebrity factor. 2,025 more words

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The all-time most popular stories are...

Welcome to my final blog post on Postcards. I’m not going away. I’m inviting you to come with me to the new Fortune.com, which launches Monday, along with the release of the 2014… 788 more words


Here’s Why Women CEOs Are More Likely to Get Sacked From Their Jobs

By Jena McGregor, Washington Post

When Carol Bartz became the chief executive of Yahoo in 2009, her appointment was less seen as evidence of a  401 more words

Marissa Mayer's secret initiatives aim to get Yahoo back into homegrown search

”According to numerous sources inside Yahoo, CEO Marissa Mayer has ordered up two under-the-radar initiatives — well, not to me and now you! — that could potentially get the company back into algorithmic search as well as search advertising,” Kara Swisher reports for Re/code. 234 more words