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A Little Inspiration

The Carol Burnett Show is one of my favorites. This sketch features Tim Conway at his funniest as “the most feared interrogator in all the world… and part of Canada”…

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Send In The Clowns

I get five channels now (six if you count the Mexican soap opera network), but the one I watch the most is MeTV.  It’s one of those nostalgia channels in the spirit of Nick-at-Nite, or at least what Nick-at-Nite used to be.*  Their lineup is brilliant, and I see no reason why I should be wasting my time watching reality shows when… 244 more words


Out With The New In With The Old

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked before about older TV shows. The good ones that aren’t on any more. Ones like The Cosby Show, or The Carol Burnett Show, or Family Matters, or Full House, or Boy Meets World… 530 more words

"You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"

It’s a day for classical music!  May 7th is the birth anniversary of Johannes Brahms, and Peter Tchaikovsky, and it’s also the historical anniversary of the premiere of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (the finale of which is commonly known as “Ode To Joy”).   101 more words

We Should All Take A Lesson From Melissa McCarthy

Please join me in welcoming Maureen H. Cronin to the blog. Maureen has penned an inspiring, thought-provoking essay.

We Should All Take A Lesson From Melissa McCarthy by  856 more words

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All for Me!

While stuck in a hotel room, my hand naturally grabs for the remote control to see what’s on. I found this station and haven’t changed it since… 128 more words


April 26 Birthday: Carol Burnett


After my father died and I had to drop out of college for the second time to go back to being a go-go girl, my mother came to live with me to take care of my kids although she didn’t approve one bit of what I did for a living, said I was just goofing off and having a good time even though I told her I wasn’t, and so ashamed was she of me she lied to my grandmothers, told them I was a dancer on the Carol Burnett Show and that’s why I worked nights, wore mini skirts, false hair and eyelashes, but my mother told the truth about me to her sister Vera, a divorceé like me, and when Vera came to visit, the two of them came to see me at the Playgal Club and Spike the manager gave them a front row table and a free pitcher of beer and potato chips and there they sat, wearing white gloves and Jackie Kennedy pillbox hats, Kleenexes from their purses for napkins on their laps as they watched us go-go girls dance, sling pitchers, kegs, tanks of beer to the drunken aerospace execs, construction workers, surfers, Nam-bound marines, watched us empty ashtrays, dance, wash glasses, dance, sweep up broken glass after some pool hustlers got into a fight, and dance and the next day at noon as I sat in the kitchen, nibbling my bowl of Rice Krispies, a somnolent zombie and achy from working till 3 a.m., I heard my mother outside yelling at the trashmen not to make so much noise banging trashcans, they might wake up her daughter who worked nights and her daughter worked .DAMNED HARD to earn a living! 61 more words