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CNN Mocked for Claiming That ISIS Recruits Women Using Kittens and Nutella

Daily Mail

Supporters of the Islamic State have taken to Twitter to mock claims the terrorist organisation is luring women into its fold using kittens and Nutella.

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Uh, what?

In an article on Forbes about CNN’s predicted growth in advertising revenue in the coming year, the reporter ended with a paragraph I take issue with: 238 more words


'This is HILARIOUS': CNN hack Carol Costello wonders if Brian Williams will be disciplined

Remember CNN’s Carol Costello? She’s the CNN anchor who, when she found out Bristol Palin had possibly been assaulted, couldn’t help but laugh.


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Anushay's Point On CNN: We Must Deal With Rape Culture

There is no denying that campus sexual assault in the US are currently at epidemic levels. But from banning fraternities to banning sorority sisters from venturing to parties to banning alcohol, why are the nation’s top colleges and universities, from the University of Virginia (UVA) to Dartmouth, struggling to find a solid solution? 122 more words

Violence Against Women

Aaron Hernandez too handsome to be convicted?

Is Aaron Hernandez “too handsome” to be convicted by a jury? Well, according to CNN anchor Carol Costello…maybe.

Ian Hanchett of Breitbart reports:

“There has been much made of the makeup of the jury, lots and lots of women on the jury, and some say that’ll help Aaron Hernandez because he’s a handsome guy, there’s no clear motive for why he would murder odin lloyd, and maybe they’ll take into account, here’s a handsome guy with a fiancee, and a kid, and a $40 million contract, not possible that he shot someone” stated.

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CNN Asks Anushay's Point About Being Muslim In America

What is it like to be Muslim in America today, and how is the experience different than it may be in Europe, especially in light of the recent Paris attacks? 223 more words

Violence Against Women