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CNN anchor offers apology for shortening of Milwaukee clip

On Wednesday morning, CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello offered up an apology for what some are calling deceptive editing of what Sherelle Smith said, mislabeling it a call for peace. 214 more words


Gold Star CNN Smackdown

This post is about Karen Vaughn curbstomping CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello. But first…

For years I’ve enjoyed watching CNN and MSNBC because their rabid, flagrant bias really helps sharpen my ability to understand and engage with the left. 1,222 more words

News Of The Day

The Khans Restore Muslim Dignity

I had the honor of attending the University of Virginia with Captain Humayun Khan and this week I had the honor of thanking his amazing parents for being the heroes Muslim-Americans have been waiting for. 65 more words

Politics Not As Usual

CNN: Live from Cleveland: Jason Johnson on Melania Trump's Speech

On CNN from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, The Root Politics Editor Jason Johnson discusses the fallout from Melania Trump’s convention speech and accusations that she plagiarized from Michelle Obama.


CNN: Jason Johnson on Donald Trump Star of David Tweet

On CNN, The Root Politics Editor Jason Johnson and Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn discuss allegations of anti-Semitism against Donald Trump following a tweet featuring a Star of David.


Hines Ward makes his HLN debut

Two-time Super Bowl champion Hines Ward made his Morning Express debut this morning. Ward will be the sports contributor to Robin Meade’s morning show.

As Meade noted in her introduction of him, he will appear on Morning Express three days a week, with Coy Wire handling sports on the other days. 38 more words


Forgiveness, Not Trust

Carol Costello’s guest this morning (forgive my not remembering the name at the moment) said that forgiveness can occur only when the offender truly regrets the offense, desires forgiveness, and changes—leads a life that illustrates the offender is a different person. 204 more words