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The Sacred Feminine or Goddess Feminism? by Carol P. Christ

In recent years “the Sacred Feminine” has become interchangeable with (for some) and preferable to (for others) “Goddess” and “Goddess feminism.” The terms Goddess and feminism, it is sometimes argued, raise hackles: Is Goddess to replace God? 1,079 more words


Fear and Loathing in Discussions of Female Power in the Academy by Carol P. Christ

No matter how carefully developed they are, theories of female power in pre-patriarchal societies are dismissed in academic circles as “romantic fantasies” of a “golden age” based in “emotional longings” with “no basis in fact.” I was reminded of this while reviewing three books about the Goddess last week. 989 more words


Releasing Artemis by Carol P. Christ

As I was writing this story, my Word program froze several times, and I lost what I had written. This has never happened before. The fifth time, it occurred to me that Artemis was not happy with the way I was telling the story of her life and death. 1,248 more words


In Dreamtime with the Ancestors by Carol P. Christ

The last few days I have been living in dreamtime with my Swedish ancestors, most especially with my great-great-grandmother Ingrid, about whom I have learned a great deal over the past year. 888 more words


Announcing A Serpentine Path: Mysteries of the Goddess by Carol P. Christ

“The serpentine path is the path of life, a snakelike, meandering path, winding in and out, up and down, with no beginning and no end, into the darkness and into the light.” 973 more words


Day 6, 2015 Nine Day Solstice Celebration

See the whole view of 9 Day Program Details.

Go to 2015 Nine Day Solstice Celebration Outline and its video announcement.

All programs are aired at 9 PM PST US and will be available anytime from then at Mago Academy (magoacademy.org) and The Girl God (thegirlgod.com). 660 more words


Jewish Feminists and Progressives Protest the Man Who Could Become America's Hitler by Carol P. Christ

Just before I went out on Friday night in Lesbos, my friend and sister feminist theologian Judith Plaskow emailed me from New York: “Right now we’re headed down to the Plaza Hotel to attend and try to disrupt a Trump luncheon!” That night, a friend asked me how I felt about Donald Trump. 643 more words