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“And God Said It Was So”: Donald Trump Is the Spittin' Image of Bad Theology by Carol P. Christ

I try very hard this election season to avoid reading about, watching, or listening to Donald Trump: the man is a liar, a cheat, a bully, a narcissist, a racist, a sexist, the list goes on. 757 more words


Can Good Theology Change the World? Part 3: Embodied Theology by Carol P. Christ

In an earlier blog I asserted that one of the hallmarks of good theology is understanding that the only valid source of authority is to be found in individuals and communities that continually interpret and reinterpret texts and traditions in new situations. 1,298 more words


Digging My Well by Joyce Zonana

I write this from the heart of a ten-day silent yoga retreat deep in central Virginia.  The peace within and without fills me as I gaze over the James River, meandering through its wide valley, thickly carpeted in green.   1,079 more words


Can Good Theology Change the World? Part 1 by Carol P. Christ

Theology is often viewed as abstract and removed from the problems of the real world. Yet many of the problems of the real world are caused by bad theologies. 836 more words


Thinking about Goddess and God by Judith Plaskow and Carol P. Christ

Talking about our deepest beliefs and feelings can be surprisingly intimate. In our new book Goddess and God in the World, we discuss our different theologies and challenge each other’s views. 1,024 more words


"All Children Are Our Children" by Carol P. Christ

“All children are our children.” As I was posting my recent blog about the shooting of black men by the police, these words came into my mind with the force of revelation. 932 more words