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Down on the Farm by Carol P. Christ

In the past week I visited Cherry Ridge, Honesdale, Wayne, Pennsylvania in the Pokonos, where I was welcomed by my third cousin Marcia Perry Gager whose family never left the place where our ancestors settled.  1,233 more words


Black Sheep by Carol P. Christ

At Thanksgiving and the solstice holidays many of us are reminded that we are the “black sheep” of our families.  In my case this means that I am too “assertive,” too “aggressive,” too “demanding,” too “political,” too “willing to upset my father,” too “opinionated,” too “feminist,” and so on. 603 more words


Planting Seeds

As I have walked through my Priestess year, I’ve returned to authors and books on feminist spirituality that I read (or in some cases tried to read) in my early 20s when I first found this path. 296 more words


The Reason for Hope Is the Creative Process of Life by Carol P. Christ

In these these days when many of us are gripped by paralyzing despair as we come to terms with the election as President of a racist, sexist bigot who has created a climate of fear and promises to undo much of the progressive legislation of the past fifty years, I find it appropriate to reiterate an insight that has sustained me through many years of sadness and disappointment about the state of our world. 668 more words


Keepin' On Keepin' On by Carol P. Christ

It is now Monday morning, five days after the new President was elected, despite losing the popular vote.

For many of us, and for me too, losing this election feels like losing everything we have worked to achieve during our whole lives. 850 more words


Sacred Marriage or Unholy Cover-up? by Carol P. Christ

Many women are drawn to the image of the Sacred Marriage—perhaps especially those raised in Roman Catholic or Protestant traditions where sex is viewed as necessary for procreation but nothing more, and who learn that the naked female body as symbolized by Eve is the source of sin and evil. 876 more words


Are White Women Voters (As a Group) Waking Up? by Carol P. Christ

I have been following the statistics on the gender gap in voting patterns for many years, often patting myself on the back for belonging to a group that on the whole votes Democratic or breathing a sigh of relief that I am not part of a group that votes Republican. 661 more words