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Classic Countdown

“Nine in a line, thirty seconds is the time!”

I’ve been a fan of Countdown for quite literally as long as I can remember. I’m told I watched it avidly at eighteen months, and learnt the alphabet from Carol Vorderman as she placed them on the board… likewise, I’m in no doubt that late great Richard Whiteley had a lasting influence on me too, such is my fondness for a weak pun, naff slogan or abhorrent tie, or perhaps all three together. 741 more words


Carol Vorderman fell off a treadmill whilst running naked

We’ve heard of sleeping naked and even wandering about around the house naked but when it comes to Carol Vorderman – exercising naked is also the norm. 464 more words


Carol Vorderman shoots for the stars after landing Space Center job with NASA

Carol Vorderman is taking on space, the final frontier. And we don’t mean she’s joining the USS Enterprise.

Instead, she’s got a swanky new job on the Challenger Center for Space Science Education’s board of directors. 307 more words


Nails: Geometric

My mother is good at maths, as in exceedingly good and she wanted to pass this on to her children.

Which is either a lovely idea or a pushy parent (or both), either way her effort didn’t work out terribly well as my statistics teacher liked children in *entirely* the wrong way and I grew to hate Carol Vorderman’s ‘ 140 more words


Carol Vorderman guest of honour at RAF Halton graduation parade

Television personality and air cadet ambassador, Carol Vorderman, was the guest of honour at RAF Halton’s graduation parade. As a pilot herself, with… More information


An Open Letter Of Apology To Carol Vorderman...

Dear Carol Vorderman,

I would like to extend my sincere apologies to you. A few days ago, in a moment of madness, I went against my own social media religion of… 126 more words


I'm Not Dirty. Or Toxic. So Why Do I Want to Cleanse?

If you were a woman living in the UK towards the end of the last century, you almost certainly spent some time talking about Carol Vorderman… 599 more words

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