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When we learned about the Declaration of Independence in grade school, we were not asked to question the phrase, “All men are created equal.” And it’s unlikely that those watching the moon landing on TV in 1969 were retorting indignantly, “Excuse me? 1,916 more words

Zooming Out

Video: The Sexy Lie

“We raise our little boys to view their bodies as tools to master their environments. We raise our little girls to view their bodies as projects to constantly be improved.” 8 more words

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"You Can't Be What you Can't See"

MIss Representation

I highly recommend this documentary. You can watch it in clips, or watch the whole thing through. It is one of the most succinct and well documented exposés of how deeply entrenched women’s deprivation of empowerment is. 406 more words


A dog, a house, and sexual assault

Suddenly, summer is half way over. The days have started to grow shorter and where am I?

Well the answer to that is I am in a very busy place. 672 more words

The Arbiter

The "Sexy Lie"

I’ve never seen it put so simply and with such empowering routes for change. We could all benefit from understanding this sexy lie and how to change it’s prevalence in our world. 54 more words


Sexual Assault Policy Changed

Justin Dennis
Kaylyn Wold

In the past, certain allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, were heard by the Student Conduct Hearing Board, which had students serving on it. 481 more words