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Patent Trolls Exacting Tolls on Innovation

East Texas.

The words conjure up ten gallon hats, tumbleweeds, longhorn cattle, and more patent lawsuits than you can shake a stick at. And sticks are everywhere in Texas. 1,691 more words


Conoce el Toyota - Corolla

Dimensiones y pesos

- Largo (mm) 4.620 4.620 4.620 4.620 - Ancho (mm) 1.775 1.775 1.775 1.775 - Alto (mm) 1.460 1.460 1.460 1.460 - Distancia entre ejes (mm) 2.700 2.700 2.700 2.700 Capacidad del baúl (lt) 470 470 470 470 Radio mínimo de giro (m) 5,4 5,4 5,4 5,4 Capacidad del tanque de combustible (lt) 57 57 57 57 … 362 more words

Adam Carolla v. The Patent Troll

For the past several months, Adam Corolla has been the target of a lawsuit put forth by a patent troll, who purported that the concept of podcasting had been patented years ago. 352 more words


The Carollian Theory

A few years after college, I started work at a television station as an announcer. That was only half my job, though.

My real job was to sell commercial time on Cable Channel 6 in Rock Springs, Wyoming.. 157 more words

My View Of The World