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Plant-based Salad Dressing - Carrot Ginger Dressing

This dressing reminds me of a delicious salad at one of our favorite Asian Restaurants, Kuma’s Asian Bistro, in Rockford and in Naperville, Illinois. It is a refreshing, flavorful dressing that is typically served with iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots, but I say go for the gusto and pile on the colors for your salad ingredients. 114 more words


The Formation and Function of Color

by Dave Hanks

The many colors in nature make for glorious views, but color is utilitarian as well as aesthetic. Animals that can see color can utilize color in different ways: territorial defense, mate attraction, camouflage, and signaling. 263 more words


Owls don't just hoot, they also glow

In preparing for a lecture this week on avian coloration, I had organized my notes around the three main classes of pigments in feathers and the structural colors that result from light scattered from structures on those feathers.  264 more words


Pumpkin Pie Pudding .... too much yummy

When you invest in technology and you are not afraid to experience new paths, you can discover new texture and develop fresh and tasty culinary ideas. 880 more words

Anti-cancer Nutrient

Rock the Bell…Peppers That Is!

Bell peppers come in a rainbow of colors. From yellow, to green, to red, orange and even black. They are delicious and powerfully nutritious. Sliced and served along other vegetables, they make for tasty crudités or low calorie snacks. 414 more words

Black Skin Care

You've Got Kale

Mr. Gardener has been harvesting vegetable seeds for several years.  Last year, after coddling a couple of Dinosaur kale plants past their eating prime, he had enough seed to last a lifetime and, happily used a few to grow several plants.   686 more words