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The Surprising Health Benefits of Avocado

Not only is avocado delicious but this superfood is packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. Find out how this creamy fruit can benefit your health.

Avocado: The underestimated superfood… 554 more words


What's the best dressing for your salad?

Researchers recommend using salad dressing with full fats. These types of dressings allow gaining the full benefits of carotenoids. Their research showed that people that ate low-fat​ dressing absorbed very little of the carotenoids​ and people that did not use fat dressing absorbed almost zero of the nutrients. 37 more words


This Vegetable Will Make You Look 50% More Attractive

…or try the supplement that contains the same critical pigment.

Yellow and red skin pigments are perceived as 50% more attractive in Caucasian people, new research finds. 261 more words


Electronic and vibrational properties of carotenoids: from in vitro to in vivo

Carotenoids are among the most important organic compounds present in Nature and play several essential roles in biology. Their configuration is responsible for their specific photophysical properties, which can be tailored by changes in their molecular structure and in the surrounding environment. 196 more words


Carotenoids Market 2016-2023 Research Report By DecisionDatabases

The Carotenoids Market Research Report provides forecast and estimates for each application in terms of Market Size, Share, Trends & Growth during the study period Upto 2023. 502 more words

Chemicals And Materials

Global Carotenoids Market Research Report Forecast 2017 Analysis and Forecasts to 2022

MarketResearchNest.com adds “Global (North America, Europe And Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East And Africa) Carotenoids Market 2017 Forecast To 2022”new report to its research database. 534 more words

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Pigment structure in the violaxanthin–chlorophyll-a-binding protein VCP

Resonance Raman spectroscopy was used to evaluate pigment-binding site properties in the violaxanthin–chlorophyll-a-binding protein (VCP) from Nannochloropsis oceanica. The pigments bound to this antenna protein are chlorophyll- 219 more words