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Lobsters: A Crustacean Sensation

Guest post by Mai Nguyen

They lurk in the depths of the ocean, feasting on the remains of their fallen neighbors. With stalked eyes, muddy coloring, and large predatory claws, they’re reminiscent of insects and are admittedly neither cute nor cuddly. 1,209 more words

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Home cooking

This blog is about trying to eat decent food on a time budget.  But, I also love for you guys to cook healthful food for yourself so that you don’t HAVE to buy it all. 153 more words


Eat Right For Your Sight: Carrot-Cumin Soup

When you hear about vision loss, you may not think about it ever affecting you- even if you wear glasses or contacts, you still might not consider the potential age-related, eye-health concerns that can affect you later on down the road. 697 more words

Vitamin A

Face off - Great Tit (Parus major)

This is one of those subtly hilarious pictures. The unusual name of this bird just accentuates the humour :)

Like all tits, these also nest in cavities – usually a hole in a tree.  124 more words


Home cooking, leafy greens and antioxidants


  • small pork chop from evening before
  • small bag of mixed salad consisting of dark green and purple leaves
  • 1 pointed sweet pepper
  • ½ pack (75g) of blueberries…
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Staying power & antioxidants


  • whole pot of Mediterranean Light Lunch tuna
  • ½ to whole bag of rocket (50-100g), watercress and spinach ready-made salad
  • ½ pack (60g) of bocconcini (mini mozzarella)
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Food Thoughts!

Carrots are loaded with carotenoids, fat-soluble compounds that have been linked to a reduction in certain cancers.  They also reduce the risk and severity of inflammatory conditions like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. 28 more words

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