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Zucchini – Healthy recipes for you!

August is the time of the year for Zucchini. Healthy and delicious, zucchini is more versatile than you would think! By way of “Chocolate Covered Katie… 309 more words

Tomato Power |Red Lycopene|

I had a friend visit us who reminded me of Lycopene, and when it comes to Tomatoes you may wonder why I fixated on this gorgeous fruit, or is it a fruit? 213 more words

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Tweet: Eggs and Raw Veggies are #BFFs #Besties

Great news for fellow egg-ophiles from ScienceDaily.com:

Americans under consume vegetables, and here we have a way to increase the nutritive value of veggies while also receiving the nutritional benefits of egg yolks,” said Wayne Campbell, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition Science, Purdue University.

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Whole Foods Wednesday - Sweet Potatoes

Do you like sweet potatoes? I like them in small amounts… a few “fries”, maybe a couple of tots, or about half of a sweet potato is enough for me. 546 more words


Want glowing skin? The scientifically proven method to make your skin glow

One of the best compliments that anyone can pay us is that ‘you’re glowing’. It’s so good to hear because it means that you look relaxed, pleasing to the eye, and your skin looks as though it’s lit from within. 534 more words

Avocados Are Very Yummy (and My Guacamole)

If there ever was a super food surely Avocado would be in contention. I love ’em. So much so that recently (due to travelling to tropical Australia) I overindulged and had to cut down on them a bit. 326 more words

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7 Health Benefits of Avocado

7 Health Benefits of Avocados 

Avocados have grown in popularity in past decade and with good reason. These green, creamy, delicious fruits make a great addition to almost any food or dish. 456 more words