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Plant Compounds May Boost Brain Function in Older Adults, Study Says

The same compounds that give plants and vegetables their vibrant colors might be able to bolster brain functioning in older adults, according to a recent study from the University of Georgia. 594 more words


Vegetable compounds found to improve cognition in old age.

Carotenoids are pigments synthesized by plants that give vegetables their yellow, orange, and red colors. Their antioxidant properties, as well as their benefits for visual health, are well known, but emerging research suggests these compounds may have a positive impact on cognition as well. 24 more words


Whole Foods Wednesday - Winter Squash

There’s a reason your mama was always trying to get you to eat squash – it’sSO good for you! Winter squash has long been recognized as an important food source of carotenoids, but also has antioxidant support, anti inflammatory benefits, and potential blood sugar regulation benefits. 78 more words


Autumn is upon us, says the swamp cypress

We’re starting to get some cracking autumn colours, in the south of England. Near to where I live, the red oaks (Quercus rubra) are living up to their name, and when down at the Hillier Gardens a few days ago the resident swamp cypress ( 42 more words


5 Reasons why you shouldn't go without an orange a day

I’m sure youve heard the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”…well know this now, “an orange a day keeps constipation away”… Taking one or two oranges a day is a habit that should be encouraged. 141 more words