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Top 50 Players in the Big East 30-21

With the season just around the corner, Paint Touches is taking a look at the top 50 players in the Big East. Instead of doing a true top 50, we took the five best players from each team and ordered them one to fifty. 3,362 more words


Loss & Grief - Two Years On

When I wrote the post “Loss & Grief – A Year On” I had no intention of it becoming a series. I guess I didn’t realise I would still be struggling so much a year later. 770 more words


Tabasco Harvest Party, Carousel

I was lucky enough to be invited to this year’s Tabasco Harvest Party in London, this year being hosted at Carousel and organised by Hunter PR… 344 more words


The Night Circus

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”

Keymoon Photography and I spent a fun day shooting on a carousel in  Jamestown ,NC.

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Journal: 24/10/16 - SISE Relaunch

Today we had the relaunch of our SISE project. I found it really useful as things started to get cloudy within the module. It helped me to finalise on my idea for my personal projects, not only that, but it allowed us to sit in our groups and discuss in depth what style we would like our group film to be.


Carousel CAL - part three

I finished part three last weekend but have only just managed to get a photo of it. It’s getting a bit large to photograph now, especially if I want natural light. 153 more words


Footprints on the Water

The waves surged around me.  Lightning ripped across the sky.  Thunder roared.  Darkness surrounded me like a cloak.

The boat that I was in could no longer go forward, so strong was the wind against it. 2,088 more words